Lesbian Sci-fi Novel Series – Aida: An Idol Romance

Are you a fan of cute FxF relationships? Possibly you’re looking for a developed sci-fi setting where cute girls can get up to cute things? Do you like slice of life with minimal conflict? Perhaps you enjoy some of the softer fetishes such as an interest in feminine scents and collecting panties? If you answered yes to one or all of those, have I got good news for you! Because I just so happen to have a setting exactly like that. What are the odds, right? Astronomical! But here we are. Say hello to my Lesbian Sci-fi Novel Series – Aida: An Idol Romance.

Lesbian Sci-fi Novel Series - Aida: An Idol Romance

My Lesbian Sci-fi Novel Series – Aida: An Idol Romance is a sci-fi-themed story about 18-20 year old girls becoming Japanese-style pop idols. It’s filled with cuteness, quirky characters, fun fetishes, some saucy sexy times, and maybe—here and there—some emotional gut punches. Because brief bouts of drama work best when you least expect it 😉

This series is planned to be roughly 25 novellas (each ~40k words), with our girls growing and changing and developing through the whole thing, and of course new characters and stories introduced regularly. If you enjoy longer works you can really sink your teeth into, I’ve got you covered.

The first three books are already up and available on Amazon, so maybe go check ‘em out. They’re also in Kindle Unlimited, so if you have a subscription you can read immediately for free! Lastly, Book 4 is up for pre-order and releases a week today (3rd August). I hope you enjoy, if you decide to give this story a try 🙂

One final thing: some of my works have harder content like futa, where the focus is on the sexy stuff. This is NOT one of those, Aida is pure FxF and focuses on cute (and sexy!) situations with major story arcs being the primary focus.

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Dreaming of the Stars, Volume 1 of Aida:

Some stars last forever.

It is the year 2176 and idols—multi-talented individuals devoted to being inspirational role models—reign supreme in the world of entertainment.

When Isla Ainsworth’s best friend Anise Kendall suggested they try out for planet Aida’s prestigious Dreamstar Academy for Idols, Isla thought herself wholly incapable of such a lofty goal. But despite her reservations, she agreed to give it a try. Transferring from their home on Mars, Isla will learn what it means to be an idol, and along the way perhaps also discover new and intimate aspects to herself.

As the two rookie idols settle into their new lives on Aida, entertainment capital of the stars, they meet new friends and mentors Lisa Lawson and Mira Ananta Sundaram. Isla is initially unsure of her direction, but with some help from Mira she begins forging a path forward. Anise, meanwhile, struggles with secret feelings for her best friend…


Starlet Sunrise, Volume 2 of Aida:

Living. Learning. Loving.

Having settled into their new lives on planet Aida, Isla Ainsworth and Anise Kendall begin the next leg of their journeys as idols.

Isla meets an energetic and bubbly girl called Millie Bright during a hard but enjoyable camp for rookie idols, becoming firm friends. While there, they get acquainted with gothic model Evangeline le Fay. Together, the three girls help each other through the gruelling camp while sparks of something beyond friendship come to the surface for two of them…

While Isla is being run ragged at her camp, Lisa Lawson takes Anise on a weekend trip to the neighbouring city of Slogh to meet some new contacts. Enjoying some time at Slogh’s annual flower parade, they hook up with Lisa’s other best friend, a high class lady from the lush colony world of Gran Manillo.


New Horizons, Volume 3 of Aida:

New activities. New rivals. New horizons.

At the height of Aidan summer, Evangeline le Fay meets Anise for the first time, fast becoming good friends with her. With Anise’s important modelling audition coming up soon, Evangeline—an accomplished model herself—helps her new friend with her walking practice while Millie Bright, looking for ways to make herself stand out from the crowd, enters an audition for a new stellarvision show where she meets a new rival.

Meanwhile, Mira organises for the four girls to observe the academy’s top model, Yana Anisimova, at a fashion event hosted aboard a cruise ship. And Isla finally resolves to challenge the academy’s top idol, Cassiopeia Luna, to a return tennis match…


Broken Heights, Volume 4 of Aida (Pre-order):

Life isn’t always rainbows and ice cream.

After her win, Isla now prepares to train hard alongside Luna in readiness for Dreamstar Academy’s biannual tennis tournament, resolving to do her best and make her partner proud. But first, she has a dance audition to enter, where she finds herself with some unexpected competition…

Eva, meanwhile, decides that the four of them—Isla, Anise, Millie, and herself—deserve a little time to themselves in reward for their hard work and recent successes. Arranging a night out at Mira’s family restaurant, this leads her to some new realisations as to her relationship with a certain bubbly girl.

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She loves witches (the cute variety), weather that's neither too warm nor too cold, and despite her rampantly dirty interest in naughty shenanigans, is actually quite a boring person most of the time. The exciting stuff happens in her stories.

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