New Life, New Strife – Futa Favours Vol. 2 PREVIEW

With the second book of my sweet yet sexy futa series releasing on the 27th of this month, I figure it’s time to put out a preview. First, go check out the last post if you’ve not read Book 1 and have an interest in futa lesfic. Sorted? Awesome. Here’s a couple of sample chapters from Book 2:

A new life in a new city.

Having been kicked out of university for getting up to intimate activities on campus, Futaba and Yuri have moved from Tokyo to Okayama, a city far to Japan’s south west in order to start a new life together.

After finding jobs at a small café opposite one of the city’s many beautiful parks, Yuri worries about their future and her ability to support them while Futaba attends a night school, and two new girls complicate their relationship…

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Like what you read? You could always go and pre-order a copy on Amazon 🙂 It’ll also be going into Kindle Unlimited shortly after release, and if you’d like a free copy, sign up to my Reader List and you’ll get that and more.

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