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Top 10 Best Lesbian Romance Books July 2018

Do you enjoy a spot of lesbian romance of an evening? So do I! That’s why I’ve put together this list of the top 10 best lesbian romance books July 2018, in no particular order. These are all Amazon UK links, but you can easily click over to your own region on the page itself if you’re elsewhere in the world. Happy reading!

Top 10 Best Lesbian Romance Books July 2018


What are readers saying about it?

Truly magnificent and smooth flowing book. Joan just couldn’t come to grips that she is a lesbian. Scarlett is out an proud. This is a true second chance romance that was a long time in the making. Both ladies are most endearing and real.” – The old one!

I did enjoy this book, but one of the characters really out did herself with the self loathing and denial. It can be hard to come out as gay or lesbian even in this day and age, especially in small towns. I really enjoyed the main character who returned home. I hope there will be a part 2 so we can see how well the one character does at coming out. Give this book a try. Thank you to the author.” – Kat


What are readers saying about it?

Another great story by Harper Bliss. I love that even in this Novella, Harper manages to bring to life the drama and the passion with such believable characters and concepts. I can not wait for the next silver linings story!” – Kelly James

“I have always loved Harper’s Novella. That’s how I was introduced to her writing. This is no different. A hearty love affair between mature, believable characters and the power of forgiveness . A lovely summer read.” – Lucy


What are readers saying about it?

“I absolutely loved this book. Such great characters and laugh out loud dialogue. I couldn’t put this one down and looked forward to when I could read more. Robin Alexander never fails to deliver sweet, romantic and hilarious stories.
I really miss the characters now that I have finished the book.”
– Alicia

Every time she produces a new book, I buy it immediately and am left with no regrets…other than having to wait for the next one.” – T. McCloud


What are readers saying about it?

“After143 this is my favourite book, really enjoyed it.I hope this is a start of Amber Hill series and we have many more” – J.A.


What are readers saying about it?

I absolutely loved reading this. Knowing I had this book to read made my days and now iv finished it I’m heartbroken.. I seriously didn’t want it to end. I loved everything about the book and felt myself daydreaming whilst reading it, dreaming about the Cornish coast, idyllic little village and walks on the cliffs. Well done Clare and Harper, I hope this won’t be the last time you co-write together.” – faye82

This book should be available on prescription. It could improve anyone’s bad day. Better than gin and much better than any medicine. Don’t ask questions, suspend belief, read the book, loose yourself in the book and become a better person having read it. More please, quickly and provide us with a sequel.” – Allray


What are readers saying about it?

Probably the best book I’ve read in some time. I absolutely loved this slow burn romance. Angst by the bucket load…just what I love. It really was a super story with two brilliant lead characters. Going to read this author’s novella now, even though I never read short stories. I look forward to the next lengthy book. Please buy…you won’t be disappointed;)” – Chumsky

After reading the reviews I thought I would give this author a chance. I wasn’t disappointed. Both leading ladies are strong, career minded and sassy to boot. Loved the interactions between both characters and warmed to both of them from the outset. The premise of the story of how the two ladies get together may not be original, but this didn’t stop me from throughly enjoying the story. Highly recommend this story and I can’t wait to read future books by this author.” – Knightsfield


What are readers saying about it?

Once again Miranda Macleod gives us exactly what we want……….. A good romance story with lovely characters and beautiful surroundings. A perfect summer read.” – Tam

Another beautiful story from the very talented Miranda MacLeod. The two leading ladies, Andie and Valentina, are both very sweet and likeable, with the same insecurities as most of us have, helping to make them, and the story itself, very believable.” – Martin B


What are readers saying about it?

I’ve read this author’s other two books and really enjoyed them, so I had high hopes for this one. I’m happy to say that this was just as fantastic as her other works! Now my only question is: when is her next book coming out?!” – Ash Phile

Really good read. Well written, good dialogue, two attractive women, hot sex, set in Australia ski resort and Colorado, USA. One is a former champion ski racer who lives life of a ski bum, giving lessons around the world, as she deals with the after effects of career ending injury. The other is a physical therapist on vacation who was gaslighted by an ex, and has avoided relationships to protect her young daughter from any potential family turmoil. Thoroughly enjoyable, compelling characters. Look forward to the author’s next book.” – Monona


What are readers saying about it?

Another 10 stars for Emma Nichols—oops, only 5 stars are allowed! This book grabbed me from the first page. The story just flows so effortlessly and the characters seem so very real! Nikki was portrayed perfectly as was Ariana. Their love will touch anyone’s heart. Not only the love between those two ladies but also from the secondary friends and relatives.” – The old one!

‘Ariana is the must read book of the summer! This is the eagerly awaited fifth Lesfic novel by Emma Nichols which tells two beautiful love stories set in a gorgeous location. The book is about love, family, loyalty and hope. From the first few pages this book grabbed my attention and I was hooked, I couldn’t put it down. It’s very rare that I pick up a book and as soon as I finish it I want to read it again!” – Oscarfrog


What are readers saying about it?

Clare Ashton is one of the few authors where I’m willing to lose sleep… I tell myself I will just read one more chapter, when in reality I know I will read at least a dozen. Clare never fails to disappoint and once again she has delivered. I’m not going to write a synopsis of the story as I think I wouldn’t do it justice. Clare manages to draw in her readers from the first paragraph, with engaging characters, descriptive settings and clever dialogue.” – Knightsfield

After reading Clare Ashton’s previous novels I new the Goodman’s was going to be a great read and wow I was completely immersed into the Goodman’s within minutes! I never thought I would read anything better than Poppy Jenkins but then along came the Goodman’s, as entertaining as poppy Jenkins but with the extra pleasure of having two wonderful romances in one story! This story has it all, Romance, angst, humour, strong female characters and some lovely sensual sexy time. Well done Clare Ashton this was another corker!” – Gill


That’s it for this time, I hope you found this top 10 best lesbian romance books July 2018 list helpful! – Freia

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