Aida: An Idol Romance Special Offer (All Books 99p-99c)

Aida: An Idol Romance Special Offer (All Books 99p-99c)

To celebrate the upcoming release of the fifth book in my lesbian erotic romance series, Aida: An Idol Romance, I’m dropping the price of all four currently published books, plus the new entry itself, to 99p/99c from Monday 4th to the end of Sunday 10th. Book 5 itself, titled Worlds Apart, releases on Friday 15th, and is available for pre-order below. All five books are also in Kindle Unlimited, if you prefer to read like that.

Aida is a sci-fi-themed story set in the year 2176, featuring idols—multi-talented girls who can sing, dance, act, and bring smiles to the faces of their fans—and their struggles, both professionally and in their intimate relationships. Quirky characters, humour, and light-hearted—often naughty—shenanigans are heavy focuses, making for a fun read after a hard day. But don’t be fooled by the light tone, drama hides just around the corner, where you might least expect it…

Book 1: Dreaming of the Stars

The Red Planet produces many things. High-speed, high-luxury starliners. Plastics, alloys, and gases essential to the construction of those starliners. Beautiful, dusty red Martian Roses. My favourite pudding, the strawberry-based Olympus Bun. And many other things. But the one thing Mars has rarely been known for producing is stellar level idols.

What are idols, you ask? According to my best friend Anise, entire books could—and have—been written on the subject of idols. To me, though, they’re people who make me smile and laugh, and who brighten my day simply by being. An idol’s job is to be a source of inspiration, a guiding light in times of darkness.

Idols can sing, dance, act, even work as producers for ‘other’ idols, performing minor—and sometimes not-so-minor—miracles behind the scenes so their friends and rivals can be ‘their’ best, too. And now I’m about to become an idol myself. Little ‘ol me, a girl with no real direction in my life. Frankly, the very idea is terrifying.

And very, VERY exciting.

My name’s Isla Ainsworth, and this is the story of how I became an idol.

Book 2: Starlet Sunrise

My name’s Anise Kendall, and I’m an idol, actress, and lover of cute girls. Just a short month ago, I was still living on dusty old Mars with my best friend, Isla. Now? We’re both students at the prestigious Dreamstar Academy for Idols on planet Aida, the centre of all forms of entertainment among the stars.

We’ve settled into our new lives here, Isla’s managed to get herself onto some crazy camp for rookie idols that promises to give her a new sense of appreciation for the role lungs play in the human body, and I’m getting ready for an important audition to become a new model for a clothing brand. Exciting stuff!

Between these activities, though, we’re also meeting new friends and rivals. Isla bumped into the academy’s top idol just yesterday, the loner known as Cassiopeia Luna, knocking her on her butt and starting a chain of events that could have ramifications for the whole of the idol world. And we met a lovely couple of girls recently, one a bubbly and fun lass called Millie, the other a gothic model known as Evangeline le Fay.

There’s an almost endless variety to the types of idol out there, and I’ve made it my job to learn about them all. Because becoming an idol is easy. But becoming a successful idol? Ah, that’s the hard part, and the more unique you are, the more likely you’ll be to succeed.

Now I just have to hope Isla and our other new friends figure this out. Fading into obscurity is a fate worse than death for an idol…

Book 3: New Horizons

Hey-yo! Is this thing on? It’s your friendly neighbourhood Pop Idol, Millie Bright here. How’s it going? Things are a bit up and down for me and Eva right now, aye. I have plenty of fun idol work on the go, no problems there. Got mesself a nice little gig at an idol bar and café, working for a lovely lady called Amy. Aye, lots of fun, that one is! I’m also mascot girl for Dinky Doughnuts for the next year, and I love me some doughnuts, yep.

Only problem is… Eva’s been a bit weird lately. Sneaking little chats with Anise while I’m not around, that kind of thing. Maybe she’s just worried about her shyness, and wants help? Silly girl, she could always ask me, I’m the world champion at not being shy!

Or maybe there’s something else going on? I dunno.

We also have the big tennis tournament coming up at Dreamstar Academy soon. Promises to be quite the event, I hear. Our own Isla is taking part, the lovely tennis idol that she is, but word is that she’s partnering with someone unexpected! I wonder who it could be…?

Oh, looks like my time’s up. This is Millie Bright, signing off! Hope everyone has a lovely and rainbow-filled day.

Book 4: Chasing the Moon

H-Hello, my name’s Evangeline le Fay, a Gothic Idol and model. Things have been a bit wild here at Dreamstar Academy in the last couple of weeks. Isla and I shadowed the academy’s top idol for a day, learning about what it means to be the best of the best. It was a tiring day, but it gave both of us a lot to think about.

Um… oh, and Princess Keliana returned to the academy, too! I’ve never met a real royal before, she’s lovely and refined, but also seems to carry a burden of responsibility I’m not sure I could handle. Though… I just made a big decision recently, one that carries its own responsibility, so perhaps I’ll learn a little about the sort of thing Keliana deals with every day?

Speaking of which, Anise just landed herself a wonderful acting role, I can’t wait to see her pilot episode! I’ve not seen her quite this happy since she told me about her new relationship with Isla. Seems all my friends are advancing as idols. I can’t go letting the side down, so I’ll call it a day here.

Isla’s been looking a little pale recently, now I think about it. I hope she’s okay…

Book 5: Worlds Apart (Pre-order on Amazon)

My world, Lyapunov, has always had a… disagreeable relationship with our neighbour, Gran Manillo. Personally, I’ve never understood why, but politics was one of those things I always disliked and never paid attention to. It’s just the way of the world and human nature, I suppose, always looking for things to be aggrieved over.

It is therefore with considerable surprise that I find myself, the daughter of one of Lyapunov’s most powerful men, having to work alongside the first princess of Gran Manillo. It’s a chance for us to iron over some of the bumps of the past, to maybe mend our worlds’ relationships.

But it’s also a chance for us to start an interstellar war, if we’re not careful. My name’s Yana Anisimova, and these next few weeks will be some of the most challenging of my life. But who knows… perhaps they’ll also be some of the most enjoyable? We’ll see.

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