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Probably My Last Post for a While + 2 FREE Books

If you use WordPress, chances are you’re aware of the recent change to how the editor works. I won’t bore you with excessive details here, but suffice to say they’ve completely screwed the pooch and ruined my workflow, both here and on other sites I maintain.

For some more comprehensive posts on the issue of the new Gutenberg editor WordPress rolled out to everyone way before it was ready, and without bothering to consider the massive impact it would have on existing sites, check these out:

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Personally, I write in Word, then paste that content into WP’s editor, tweak formatting and add images and so on, then hit publish. Simple, quick, efficient. What the geniuses at WordPress have done now is implement a system where you have to construct every single post by using blocks. New paragraph? Block. Heading? That’s a block. Want a quote or image? Blocks. If I wanted to use Wix or Divi or Squarespace, I’d be using them already.

Remember how I said I paste from Word? Yeah, that doesn’t work any more, because of this blocks system. You now need to copy and paste each individual paragraph into a new block, increasing the number of clicks my already physically damaged wrists need to deal with, and keyboard shortcuts no longer work. This new editor is an accessibility nightmare.

There’s a classic editor plugin to revert to how WordPress used to be, but it has a couple of serious issues. First, they’re only supporting it until December 31st, 2020, so it’s a temporary solution at best. Second, themes and plugins are already starting to break because they don’t work with the classic editor and are unlikely to be updated so they do.

I’ve been using WordPress for years across multiple websites because it was the best CMS out there if you wanted to write regular content. But today… I think I need to find something new. They’re not going to walk this change back (it’s the baby of the main owner/developer and he’s already ignoring all the negative feedback he’s been getting), and I see zero benefits to using the new editor. All it does it reduce efficiency and ruin my workflow for no good reason. Not to mention the added stress it causes an existing physical condition of mine.

Fortunately, because this is open source software, one of the developers who didn’t like the direction Gutenberg was heading decided to fork the code, creating an alternative called ClassicPress. They even have a plugin to migrate your existing WordPress site by overwriting the existing install, which is kinda neat.

But do I want to do that? I’m not sure. I’ve not been particularly effective in using this site to its fullest potential, and a fresh start is definitely appealing. Wiping everything and installing ClassicPress from scratch has both advantages and disadvantages. Losing my existing posts and any SEO they might have is a downside, sure… but starting afresh would also allow me to do everything better in general from day one.

I’ve been thinking I want to add new content here, stuff like reviews and recommendations, so I guess this might be a good time to make some big changes. Long-form critique of lesbian media is also something I might add to the rotation, especially the likes of yuri anime; so many of those are masterclasses in how not to do things, heh.

In any case, that’s the situation right now. I’ve been around the internet since the early days, and I’ve seen plenty of sites and software develop into something awesome, only to then go and over-develop into oblivion, completely changing how they work or otherwise ruining everything that made them desirable. It seems to be the natural flow of things, as much as it sucks.

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