The Love We Lost – Starlight Book 1 Published

After some two years, the first book of my magical girl (urban fantasy/paranormal) Starlight series is complete. The book, titled The Love We Lost, is soft-launched on Amazon, if you’re into this kind of genre, and especially so if you like stories with a Japanese setting/flavour.

Completing a novel is always a great feeling. Many people talk about writing a book, but very few actually manage to start, and fewer still finish, so getting that first draft completed is a really big deal. And taking it through editing and polishing and actually publishing it? Few things come close to the feeling of satisfaction that gives you.

But more than that, this was a new kind of story for me. I normally write lesfic romance of one form or another, so something with more of an epic story of world-changing proportions made for a really nice change of pace.

If you’re interested in reviewing the book and have a Booksprout account, head on over there to claim a copy. Booksprout claims in their FAQ that because they’re giving people books for the express purpose of reviews, that it doesn’t run afoul of Amazon’s exclusivity clause for KU books, so I’m trusting that they know what they’re about.

And if you’d like a free preview, click this link for the first ~10% of the book in PDF format. It should give you plenty of idea what to expect from me as an author (my style/voice, and the way I write non-erotic, non-romance books) and from the book/series itself 🙂

Why I Wrote This Book

I have a deep and abiding love for magical girl stories. Positive, interesting, courageous girls kicking the butts of unambiguously evil bad guys is always fun, but a lot of magical girl shows also have complex characters and stories you might expect from adult-focused media, not a genre that’s almost always intended for a younger audience.

But since I am an adult, writing for an adult audience, my own works tend towards being a little more mature in themes. So that’s how the Starlight series came to be; I wanted to pay homage to the shows I love, but with a more mature tone and my own unique twists on the formula.

This first book sets everything up and has some whimsical and silly elements, especially involving the character of Blue, a God with some odd habits, but what’s to come will start delving much more heavily into serious interpersonal conflicts and everything generally going wrong. I’m about 20,000 words into Book 2 now (of a total ~80,000), so stay tuned!

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Under the Lily Lancaster name I write lesbian erotic romance of one flavour or another, most often in an unusual supernatural or sci-fi setting.

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