The I Heart LesFic Christmas Mega Sale Starts Today!

This special offer is now closed. Thanks to all who took part!

Merry Christmas, all! Hope everyone had a fun day, regardless of how or if you celebrate it. With any luck, a whole bunch of you probably picked up new Kindle e-readers, hmm?

Well, good news! The fine folk over at I Heart LesFic have organised another mammoth lesfic mega sale this year, so you’ll have no shortage of things to check out on your new (or, indeed, existing) device!

If you’re into lesfic (if you’re reading this, I assume you are, since that’s all I write…), you should definitely go check it out, there’s over 100 books on sale from today, the 26th, to the 31st… including several of my own, naturally.

Everything is going for prices of free, $0.99, $1.99, or $2.99 (with some minor variance to take into account regional differences/exchange rates). Check out the sale pages on I Heart LesFic’s website:

Mega Sale Page 1 (includes: Romance Books priced at Free and 99 cents. )

Mega Sale Page 2 ( includes:  Contemporary Romance / Erotica/ Young Adult/ New Adult / Drama / Romance Books priced at $1.99 & $2.99 )

Mega Sale Page 3 ( includes all the books that fall within: Mystery / Thriller / Suspense / Crime / Action & Adventure / Western / Historical)

Mega Sale Page 4 ( includes all the books that fall within: Fantasy / Paranormal / Sci-Fi / Apocalyptic / Superhero)

As for my own books, both big collections for An Idol Romance are on sale until the 31st for the princely sum of $0.99 (regular price $2.99), and my urban fantasy book, The Love We Lost, is going for $1.99 (regular price $2.99).

Grab An Idol Romance Volumes 1-5 (a whopping 200k word collection! Available in Kindle Unlimited)

Grab An Idol Romance Volumes 6-10 (another whopping 185k! Available in Kindle Unlimited)

Grab The Love We Lost (80k novel, book 1 of a larger series. Available in Kindle Unlimited)

Have fun with the sale, and please do share with anyone else you think would enjoy some lesfic goodness. Let’s make this a kickass event for all the authors and readers involved! Cheers 🙂

(PS: If you’re into a bit of naughty futa, I also write that occasionally, so… go check out Futa Favours Volume 1 and Volume 2 if you feel like it, they’re only $0.99 each, and are available in Kindle Unlimited.)

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