Free LesFic Books & A Dead PC

Well… February was a fun month. My kettle died, my noise-cancelling headphones snapped, and my PC went boom. Oh, and I couldn’t afford to renew my internet package either, so you can imagine the frustrations I had trying to get my old 2010 laptop running Windows XP up to a standard where I could actually do… basically anything at all.

Support for WinXP officially ended years ago… what, 2014 or so? Possibly? *checks* Yep, 2014. But worse, virtually no modern software will even install or run on XP any more. All my writing software? Unusable. Steam? Nope. Every single modern browser? Nope.

Fortunately there are legacy versions of the browsers that do work on XP still, but they’re pretty funky and I’m having to use three different browsers because each of them has quirks and sites they simply refuse to load properly.

Two of those three refuse to recognise any ‘okay’ button on Patreon, for example (that includes the button to login, which isn’t helpful), and the third browser constantly has issues with a script breaking on Patreon and causing everything to freeze for a while until it sorts itself out.

Then there’s Photoshop CS5, PublisherRocket, Calibre, Kindle Previewer… none of them work. Do you know how difficult it is being an author and having none of your regular software actually working? Spoiler: it’s near-impossible. Fortunately I still have an old copy of Office 2007, so I can write, meaning my awesome Patreon supporters get content as usual. Small victories, silver linings, etc.

My bank card also expired last month, and since I had a) no PC, and b) no internet, guess who couldn’t get online to update payment methods for certain monthly outgoings? Yup, that’d be me. It’s taken three weeks to sort everything out ;_;

So that was my terrible February. Talk about a perfect storm. It’s amazing how everything goes wrong all at the same time, isn’t it? I have no particular religious inclinations one way or another, but stuff like this is enough to make wonder if the universe is out to get me. Oh, and now we have Coronavirus, too, which is utterly ruining entire economies. Thanks for that. *sigh*

Anyway, moving on, let’s talk about free lesfic books! Before my PC went tits up, I was working on putting together some free stuff for people to check out. If you’re into lesfic (I assume so, if you’re on my site…) and are curious what I write, check out this new page for a couple of freebies. This would’ve been up a few weeks ago, but… yeah.

I’ll be adding more stuff there as I get things finished up, sometimes complete books, other times previews, but more than enough to get a feel for my style and the kind of content I write. To get full access to everything, simply become a patron for as little as a dollar a month. You’ll get all my books, behind the scenes content, plus exclusives only available to patrons 🙂

Become a Patron

Oh, and because this site is up for renewal next month and with everything going on right now, I might not be able to afford it… yeah, Patreon’s pretty much going to be where I put all updates and things in the event this place goes down. And thanks to Corona, it’s looking likely it will.

On that general subject, while I consider entertainment to be essential to the smooth running of any society, it’s not as essential as food or toilet paper (there’s definitely a run on toilet paper… haha… haha…), so please don’t support if it’s going to cause trouble for you.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the freebie 🙂

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Under the Lily Lancaster name I write lesbian erotic romance of one flavour or another, most often in an unusual supernatural or sci-fi setting.

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