What’s this? Another release? Why yes, yes it is! This is the second of the futa releases I’ve just published under the Freia Ricola name. Leaving Home is set in my Star Empire universe, a far future year 3000 setting with a substantially grittier tone compared to my positive future work in Aida.

But while Star Empire is grittier, it’s also got its share of humour similar in tone to Douglas Adams’ work on Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It just has added dick girls 🥒 because… well, why not? It’s the year 3000 and genetic engineering is commonplace, getting a dick is pretty much like getting a tattoo. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Anyway… Leaving Home:

Is it possible to reach heaven without leaving your body?

Mia Granston had always been told she was plain. As a scientific kind of girl, she had decided that going to a technical college to learn about physics was the best plan for her future. Maybe go from there to fleet academy, learn to fly or maintain or even design starships.

But secretly she has only one true desire: to find a girlfriend who’ll accept her plain looks, and maybe inject a little excitement into her otherwise staid existence. And planet Titan Prime, capital of the human Star Empire and Mia’s home, is just the sort of place that can provide excitement by the bucket load.

After a chance run-in with one Kate Ingram, a girl who lives in the same starscraper as her, Mia might just get her wish. But Kate has a naughty secret and her own problems to deal with, complicating matters.

With any luck, they might just sand the rough edges off each other and find what they both desire.

Heat level: FxF Erotic Futa Romance.

Length: 16,000 word novelette taking place in a far future, Year 3000 setting.

As with the previous release, if you’d like a copy for review purposes and have a BookSprout account, head on over HERE for a link. Hope you enjoy, have fun!

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