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OFFER ENDED – Thanks to everyone who downloaded!

Starlight Dreamers is my big passion project, a multi-part series featuring Japanese-style idols, a sci-fi setting, and erotic lesbian goodness. If this sounds like a fun combination, then the first two books of the series are currently free on Amazon to celebrate the release of the fourth book in the series, if you’d like to check them out. They’re free to download until the end of Sunday, PST.

Book 1 – Dreaming of the Stars (FREE, regular price 99c)

Book 2 – Sunrise Over Apollotia (FREE, regular price $2.99)

Book 3 – Bold New Horizons ($2.99)

Book 4 – Discovering Our Direction (NEW! $2.99)

If you enjoy light-hearted, slice of life, low-conflict kind of stories, this series might be up your alley. Book 5 is also well underway, and coming either later this month, or possibly a little into December. Hope you enjoy!

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