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I’m super pleased to announce that the fifth book in my lesbian erotic romance series, Starlight Dreamers, is now available on Amazon! Not sure what this series is about? It’s a mash-up of several of my favourite things; Japanese-style idols; slice of life; lesbian erotic romance; and a sci-fi setting. Check out the books page for the previous books. Now, for Book 5…

To hold the moon in her hands…

With her new direction as an idol confirmed, Isla Ainsworth begins the process of training to become an idol who can challenge the academy’s top idol, Cassiopeia Luna. There is more to being an idol than merely putting in 120% effort, however, and Isla’s new path puts her on a collision course with a painful lesson all successful idols must learn.

Meanwhile, Eva also pursues her new direction by entering an audition to become the representative model for a new gothic clothing brand, in hopes of advancing her own fledgling idol career. While so engaged, she also pushes forward with an intimate relationship that could lead her down yet another new avenue as an idol…

And a certain slow-paced princess finally makes her way back to Dreamstar Academy, hopeful that maybe there is still time for her to be crowned Dream Queen and, with any luck, to stay on planet Aida for another year.

This series will appeal to anyone who loves Japanese culture, fictional idols, low conflict slice of life, and lesbian fiction / yuri.


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