Hey there, I’m Lily. And Yuna. And Freia. Confused yet? That’s probably reasonable, so let me explain. I write lesfic in several different flavours; erotic romance-focused works, heavy on story and often light-hearted with a veritable smorgasbord of naughty scenes; non-erotic but still lesfic-focused stories where romance is a b-plot at most; and very occasionally some futa-flavoured lesfic when the mood strikes.

George R. R. Martin has said before that he thinks his readers are more than intelligent enough to understand that the same author might write different genres, when the prevailing wisdom is that you should use separate pen names for sci-fi, fantasy, or whatever other genres you write.

And in general I agree with him. However, we’re talking lesfic here, and lesfic as a super-category can cover anything. Some of what I write is sci-fi, sometimes ero, sometimes not. I also write fantasy, urban fantasy, and contemporary. It’s all lesfic, right? Sure, but the fact some of what I write is ero is where I beg to differ with the good Mr Martin.

Let’s say you read one of my non-ero books, enjoyed it, then went searching for another by me. Now let’s say the next book you find is one of the ero variety. You might enjoy that and be fine with it. Or you might be angry and disappointed because you expected a story where the romance is secondary and didn’t receive it.

So that’s why I write under three pens. First, Lily Lancaster is my erotic lesfic name, and includes big serial works like An Idol Romance, where there’s story and (minor) conflict going on, but also a heavy focus on erotic content and general naughtiness as I explore various fun relationships.

Second, Yuna Celeste is the name I use for non-ero, non-romance works. These are stories such as my Starlight series, a magical girl/urban fantasy story slated for (probably) four to six books, where the lesfic aspects are important to the story and setting, but not a primary factor.

Third, Freia Ricola is the name I use on the rare occasions I decide to indulge in some naughtier lesfic involving futa (dickgirls). At least one of my settings fully support this type of story, and it’s always fun to explore different things, so this is the name where that happens.

We’re all the same person, and I always have the same style—my voice, to use the appropriate writing term—to my stories, but I think it’s best to keep these three very different types of story separate, regardless of my overall agreement with George R. R. Martin’s sentiments.

About Me

I started writing back in 2014 after a life spent reading regularly and enjoying all manner of fun stories, especially by my favourite author, Sir Terry Pratchett. It’s not the first time I’ve tried writing, but it was the first time it really took. The internet, with all its thousands of resources for writers, really helped.

I’ve also loved Japan and Japanese media for a long time (since 2004 or so), so a lot of my own stories are heavily influenced by that interest. I enjoy all manner of genres, Japanese or otherwise, but I mostly write urban fantasy (more-specifically magical girl, a very Japanese genre), sci-fi, and fantasy, and always with a lesbian theme in some form or fashion.

As far as my general likes and preferences… I love witches (the cute variety), weather that’s neither too warm nor too cold, and the aforementioned Japanese interests, but otherwise I’m actually quite a boring person most of the time. The exciting stuff happens in my stories.