I love Japanese-style idols and write a lot of fiction that involves them. But not everyone knows what these idols are all about (protip: nothing like American Idol and similar garbage!), so this mini-series will take you through a few of the basics in readiness for potentially reading my own works.

Part 1: What Are Japanese-style Idols?

Your initial primer on the subject, covering the difference between real-world idols and the fictional variety.

Part 2: Grounded vs Magical Idols

Idols have been a thing in Japan for decades, but a relatively recent phenomenon is the emergence of magical idols, so this part covers these two aspects of the genre.

Part 3: CG vs Traditional Animation

Some idol shows use traditional animation for dance sequences, others use CG. This post briefly covers both.

Part 4: My Own Idol Setting – Aida

This briefly covers one last thing to do with idols involving character voice actresses who also perform live events for fans, then I talk a bit about my own idol setting.

Idol Galleries

While I do of course properly describe everything in my books, if you’re not experienced in idol culture or the behind-the-scenes aspects of being that sort of celebrity, certain locations might be hard to properly visualise. For that reason, I’ve screen-capped some locations from a couple of shows to give you some idea of how specific idol-related places might look (photoshoots, backstage, etc).