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Release the Spyce Part 2 – Story Collapse

Last week, I gave a brief overview of this show and the problem I have with it, I.E. that it suffers from the phenomenon known as tonal whiplash. The first half-dozen episodes aren’t actually that bad. There’s some weirdness there, for sure, which I’ll talk about momentarily, but overall it was fairly standard anime fare. Then a certain scene happens and bam! The whiplash kicks in. It’s actually pretty rare in the grand scheme of things for a show, movie, game, or whatever to so clearly have a moment where it jumps the shark. So when it does happen, it …


Release the Spyce Part 1 – An Object Lesson in Tonal Whiplash

This is the first post in a new series I’ll be writing for Fridays, talking about various anime, specifically the writing behind them. First up, I’m going to talk a little about a show called Release the Spyce, which aired from October 2018 and was… nothing all that special. The show is pretty standard anime fare; cute girls in cute situations, with some serious stuff thrown in; a world that’s fairly generic; characters who fall squarely into established tropes and stereotypes; and a story that’s about as by the numbers as a paint by numbers picture book. It does, admittedly, …


Getting Started as a Writer

How do you get started as a writer? Simple question with a simple answer: just do it. I realise this isn’t particularly helpful advice, however, so let’s expand the simple answer into something a bit more useful. I’ll link a few good resources, both free and paid, at the end of this post as well. First, the most important thing: to be a good writer, you should be a good reader. This is an absolute truth of the writer’s craft, simply because without having read a lot of other authors’ works, how can you expect to write anything worth a …

Random Thoughts

Youthful Problems

Have you ever played Rise of the Tomb Raider? If not, no worries, there are plenty of examples of what I’m about to talk about in other media. Anyway, in this specific game the main character of Lara Croft talks about a MacGuffin that can unlock the secrets of immortality for humankind, talking about how it would change everything, stop sickness and disease, and all the usual nonsense people think up in these situations. So let’s think for a moment about why this line of thinking is naïve and catastrophically flawed. First, yes, the basic premise Lara is discussing here …


The Love We Lost – Starlight Book 1 Published

After some two years, the first book of my magical girl (urban fantasy/paranormal) Starlight series is complete. The book, titled The Love We Lost, is soft-launched on Amazon, if you’re into this kind of genre, and especially so if you like stories with a Japanese setting/flavour. Completing a novel is always a great feeling. Many people talk about writing a book, but very few actually manage to start, and fewer still finish, so getting that first draft completed is a really big deal. And taking it through editing and polishing and actually publishing it? Few things come close to the …