Points of Departure (Download for FREE on Amazon!)

See Aida: An Idol Romance below for full details of this series. Points of Departure is a freebie that features the opening 9 chapters of the first book. A little taster to see if the main series might be for you. You can also get book 1 for free right now by signing up to my mailing list (see below).

Aida: An Idol Romance (Kindle Unlimited: not at present)

This series of novels is a sci-fi-themed lesbian erotic romance, initially set in the year 2176 on the titular world of Aida. It features Japanese-style idols and is an erotic romance with a light tone and lots of fun situations, including naughty ones. Romance isn’t all there is, however; the girls all strive for greatness as idols alongside their intimate relationships, with all the ups and downs that brings.

Note: I’m currently giving away the first book, titled Dreaming of the Stars, to anyone who signs up for my mailing list! It’s a 100,000 word novel, plenty to sink your teeth into.

Transferring from their home on Mars, Isla Ainsworth and Anise Kendall are the latest entrants to planet Aida’s prestigious Dreamstar Academy for Idols. Meeting new friends and rivals there, they will have to deal with not only the realities of becoming an idol, but also the tricky subject of falling in love…

Sephila Episode 1 (Kindle Unlimited: Yes)

Sci-fi is probably my favourite genre of fiction, but I also have a hefty soft spot for some fantasy, too. High fantasy is fun and all, and I have at least one work planned that will feature elves and the like. But my preference these days is actually low fantasy, fictional worlds where magic is real, but the only sapient race is humans. And maybe some supernatural entities/deities.

Sephila falls firmly into the low fantasy genre, and takes place on a continent called Lafaire, a large landmass roughly analogous to the ancient Arab lands on Earth. By which I mean a hot climate, sand, and interesting architecture. But in Lafaire, magic exists, the whole world recently went through something of an industrial revolution, and there’s imminent conflict on the horizon…

Episode 1, The Goddess Returns (Amazon), is an introduction to the world and main characters, and sets up for a larger story to unfold in Episode 2, to be titled The Princess Awakens. Episode 1 is available right now, Episode 2 is being written.

Episode 2: The Princess Awakens (Coming… when it’s done)

After their run-in with the Goddess Sephila, Levana and Sui finally arrive at Hourence, Lafaire’s mighty capital city. As the three of them relax and unwind at a local bar, they begin to hear disturbing rumours; the princess, next in line for the throne of Hourence, has gone missing. It’s said that she’s on the run and that a usurper is after the throne.

The princess needs a place to lie low, gather her wits, and raise allies to retake her throne. And it just so happens that a certain goddess has an island in need of new blood…

This is the full novel-length follow-up to The Goddess Returns, and will feature some of the same light-hearted adventure and sexy times, but with a serious story running throughout involving the princess and her usurper.

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Summertime Serendipity (Coming Soon!)

A newer work I’m currently writing that will be based in the universe of Aida, but on a different world known as Gran Manillo. In the main series above, most of the books take place on the titular planet of Aida itself, with a few trips to other places in the later books. But I also want to develop the other worlds a bit more, so this book will be the first to do that.

Summertime Serendipity will take place in and around Gran Manillo’s capital city of Lindbloom—City of a Million Flowers—and focuses on a group of 8 girls attending a lesbian getaway called LesFes, held at a seaside resort. Some of them are already in relationships and are there for a holiday, others are looking for love. Whether they find—or, indeed, lose—love remains to be seen…

If you become a patron of Lilycoven, you’ll get each part of this work as it’s completed, along with other goodies. Otherwise, it’ll be ready when it’s ready, and I’ll be giving away free copies to people on my email list at that point, so sign up if you’re interested 🙂

Note: patrons will also be getting an extra special addition to this story featuring two girls who won’t be directly developed in the main book, though they will be shown. This is partly to say thanks to my patrons for being awesome, and partly because the subject matter for these two characters is something Amazon won’t allow. Thanks, Amazon, I just love being told I’m not allowed to write something because you don’t personally like it :/