The Love We Lost, Book 1 of the Starlight Series (Kindle Unlimited: Yes)

If you lost your love, would you steal someone else’s?

When Meg Momozono moved to Kamogawa, Japan, to attend a university of the arts, her only real worries had been whether she’d get on okay, if she could speak the language without embarrassing oopsies, and being able to could cook a basic meal without poisoning herself.

But when she has a chance run-in with a hulking, demonic-looking entity, her life takes a drastic turn. Receiving the help of a mysterious girl dressed in an outfit which Meg can’t help but associate with the magical girl shows she watched as a child, she must make the toughest decision of her life: to become a magical girl herself and reveal a world she never knew existed…

Or choose the safe option and go back to her life as a university student.

If you’re a fan of magical girl franchise like Precure, this work will appeal. If you’re not, then who knows, maybe this will be a good gateway into something new and exciting 🙂

Forsaken: The Journey Home (Coming Soon!)

Eight girls come together for Lesbian Liaisons’ special Year 3000 celebration. But before they reach their destination, the wildly popular pleasure system of Euphoris V, an accident leaves them stranded on a hostile—and apparently uncharted—alien world.

This is the first story set in my Star Empire universe, which you can read more about in the Settings page. The first eight chapters, comprising the opening act of the book, are finished, and you can get those for free simply by signing up to my email list. You’ll get the chapters as part of the free content I give away to my list, along with the first novel in my Aida series.

I took inspiration from a couple of places for this story, but mainly an anime called Uninhabited Planet Survive, which itself was heavily inspired by the 1950s movie, The Mysterious Island. Except my version has cute lesbian girls ;p

As the end of the third millennium creeps up on the people of the galaxy, Lesbian Liaisons, a company specialising in romantic holidays for ladies of a certain persuasion, puts on its annual year-end event.

But this year is a little different. This is the end of a millennium, and Lesbian Liaisons intends to usher in the Year 3000 with the biggest bang they can muster. Several thousand lucky lesbian ladies will gather on Titan Prime, capital planet and hub of human existence in a galaxy-spanning empire, ready for the journey of a lifetime.

On their special millennium voyage, they will visit Euphoris V, a pleasure system like no other. They’ll sip cocktails on the sandy beaches of Ventris. Enjoy skydiving, snorkelling, and canyon blasting in and around the reefs and skies of Carnolious. And maybe, just maybe find that special someone they seek.

That is… if they can reach their destination.