I write lesfic under three pen names, one each for the three types of content I focus on: erotic lesfic, non-erotic lesfic, and very occasional futa. During development of these stories, I rely on Patreon support, and my patrons get access to content as it’s written, as well as early access to completed works generally at least a couple of weeks before I release on Amazon.

Patrons also receive some exclusive content such as behind the scenes looks at my setting files, old drafts, unused ideas, and even patron-only short stories. If you’d like to join the gang, you can do so here. Free samples of most of my works are available in the sub-pages for each work, too.

Note: my Patreon focuses almost exclusively on my Lily Lancaster and Yuna Celeste names, so if you’re not interested in futa content, don’t worry, it’s not much of a thing there, though I do still share completed works with patrons as part of their subscription. It’s up to you if you feel inclined to download and give it a read. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised. Otherwise, all futa content goes straight into Kindle Unlimited, so you could also read it on Amazon if you have a subscription.

Lily Lancaster (Erotic Lesfic, Romance, Various Genres):

Under this name I write erotic lesfic of a generally romantic nature. I almost always write sci-fi, fantasy, or other unusual settings with lots of world building and a heavy emphasis on story alongside the romance/naughty content.

I often focus more heavily on putting girls together fairly quickly, then exploring their relationship together—including sexual, fetishes, and other fun things—rather than the traditional romance approach of keeping them apart and constantly putting roadblocks in the way. Not always, sometimes I do write more traditionally, but it’s something to be aware of if your tastes run towards the regular tropes and story beats of romance.

If, on the other hand, you’re interested in stories where the characters have conflicts and issues outside of their romantic relationships, in addition to whatever’s happening in those, then this might be right up your alley. Click the link above to check out details on specific works.

Yuna Celeste (Non-Erotic Lesfic, Romance as B-Plot at Most, Various Genres):

This is the name I write lesfic that has no erotic content or major romantic plots under. Like Lily, I write settings such as sci-fi, fantasy, and other world (isekai), but romance is only ever a B-Plot at most.

These stories tend towards adventure, coming of age, magical girls, and other romps of that nature, often with a light-hearted tone, sometimes a bit darker. And, of course, always featuring lesbian relationships in some fashion.

Freia Ricola (Erotic Futa Lesfic, Various Genres):

I sometimes feel like exploring some futa stories, so this is the name under which I do that. Generally these are shorter (10-25k), standalone works. As with my other pen names, I write these in sci-fi and other genres, and often in a contemporary Japanese setting.

As mentioned at the start, I don’t really cover these works with my Patreon, but I do share the finished projects with my patrons in the event anyone happens to be interested. Otherwise, if you’re not into FxF futa, you can easily ignore these stories, no worries.