If you’re looking for cute lesbian fiction, you’re in the right place. I’m Freia, and these are my books. I write both erotic and non-erotic lesbian tales, which are split into their own categories below. I also write in various genres, all within the super category of lesfic, so you’ll get fantasy, sci-fi, regular world, urban fantasy, maybe even weird combinations like lesfic post-apoc. No matter your tastes, I probably write something you’ll enjoy.

Please note: I don’t write erotica, I write lesbian erotic romance, it’s an important distinction. Story always takes precedence even if there’s a fair amount of sexy stuff happening in any given work, so don’t go expecting sex in the first chapter. Mentioning it here because I don’t want potential readers getting the wrong idea about what I write 🙂

Click into the pages below for more detailed descriptions of each.


Erotic Books:

Points of Departure (Download for FREE on Amazon!)

See Aida: An Idol Romance below for full details of this series. Points of Departure is a freebie that features the opening 4 chapters of the first book in the series. A little taster to see if the main series might be for you.

Aida: An Idol Romance

This series of novels is a sci-fi-themed lesbian erotic romance initially set in the year 2176 on the titular world of Aida. It features Japanese-style idols and is an erotic romance with a light tone and lots of fun situations, including naughty ones. Romance isn’t all there is, however, the girls all strive for greatness as idols alongside their intimate relationships, with all the ups and downs that brings.

Lafaire (Read With Kindle Unlimited)

A low fantasy tale in two parts. Episode 1, The Goddess Returns, is an introduction to the setting and sets up for a larger story to unfold in Episode 2, to be titled The Princess Awakens. Episode 1 is available right now, Episode 2 is a way off still.

Ep1 follows Levana and Sui, partners and lovers, as they take a shipment of expensive spices to Lafaire’s capital city of Hourence. Unfortunately, something goes awry and they find themselves shipwrecked on an island which shouldn’t exist. Exploring the island, they discover an ancient goddess of lady love has returned after a century-long slumber…


Erotic Futa-Focused Books:

I sometimes experiment a bit with futa (dick girls, for the uninitiated) as something a little different, so you’ll find those books here. Even if you’re not necessarily into futa, you might be surprised! I always put a lot of effort into fun stories even when writing content that’s a bit naughtier than my usual fare.

Note that these still count as erotic romance, not erotica! Story comes first, though my futa works do normally lean more heavily towards the erotic end of the spectrum, to be sure.

Futa Favours Volume 1 – Yuri & Futaba (Read With Kindle Unlimited)

A light-hearted futa tale of two girls falling in love under unusual circumstances. Check the main page out for full details and a preview.

Lesbian Lift Liaisons (Read With Kindle Unlimited)

A short story set in my Star Empire universe, a far future, Year 3000 setting where almost anything is possible. For more details on the setting, check out Forsaken in the Non-Erotic books section below.

This little story follows Mia and Karen, two girls resident on a planet called Titan Prime, capital of the human Star Empire. It’s a smaller-scale tale of two girls becoming interested in each other and deciding it might be fun to experiment in the lift of the starscraper where they both live.


Non-Erotic Books:

Starlight Series

A planned series of four books in the urban fantasy genre, set in Japan and heavily based on the Japanese magical girl genre. The series follows Meg Momozono and her friends in their attempts to stop something which threatens to destroy two worlds, including Earth.

The first book is finished, but not yet publicly available. If you’re interested in getting your hands on it, the only way right now is to sign up for my email list. Doing so gets you not only the first novel of this series, but additional goodies, too, including sample chapters from other upcoming works.

Click into the Starlight Series page and you can read the opening act to see if it’s up your alley or not before committing to signing up to my list.

Moonlight Becomes Her (Read With Kindle Unlimited)

Vampires aren’t something I really dabble in for the most part, but this is an exception. It’s a darker story compared to my usual fare, and features a young British police officer looking into a peculiar case after getting a transfer to the CID, Criminal Investigations Department.

Forsaken: The Journey Home (Read With Kindle Unlimited)

Eight girls come together for Lesbian Liaisons’ special Year 3000 celebration. But before they reach their destination, the wildly popular pleasure system of Euphoris V, an accident leaves them stranded on a hostile—and apparently uncharted—alien world.

This is a preview of the full book, and comprises the opening act, introducing the 8 main girls and their plight. I took inspiration from a couple of places for this story, but mainly an anime called Uninhabited Planet Survive, which itself was heavily inspired by the 1950s movie, The Mysterious Island. Except my version has cute lesbian girls ;p

Forsaken was the first thing I wrote for my Star Empire universe, a setting vast and grand in scale where I can write galaxy-spanning space opera or smaller, more personal stories such as Lesbian Lift Liaisons above. Expect to see more stories/books in this universe.