If you’re looking for cute lesbian fiction, you’re in the right place. As noted in Lilycoven’s about page, I write under three pens in order to keep certain types of content separate, so click whichever interests you below.

I write in various genres, all within the super-category of lesfic, so you’ll get fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, urban fantasy, maybe even weird combinations like lesfic post-apoc. No matter your tastes, I probably write something you’ll enjoy.

Please note: I don’t write outright erotica. I write lesbian erotic romance, it’s an important distinction. Story always takes precedence even if there’s a fair amount of sexy stuff happening in any given work. I’m mentioning it here because I don’t want potential readers getting the wrong idea about what I write 🙂

Freia Ricola: erotic romance and other erotic lesbian fiction (Romance as A-Plots)

Yuna Celeste: non-erotic lesbian fiction (Romance as B-Plots)

Aisha Allen: lesbian futanari fiction (Heavier on the sexy content)