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Release the Spyce Part 2 – Story Collapse

Last week, I gave a brief overview of this show and the problem I have with it, I.E. that it suffers from the phenomenon known as tonal whiplash. The first half-dozen episodes aren’t actually that bad. There’s some weirdness there, for sure, which I’ll talk about momentarily, but overall it was fairly standard anime fare. Then a certain scene happens and bam! The whiplash kicks in. It’s actually pretty rare in the grand scheme of things for a show, movie, game, or whatever to so clearly have a moment where it jumps the shark. So when it does happen, it …


Release the Spyce Part 1 – An Object Lesson in Tonal Whiplash

This is the first post in a new series I’ll be writing for Fridays, talking about various anime, specifically the writing behind them. First up, I’m going to talk a little about a show called Release the Spyce, which aired from October 2018 and was… nothing all that special. The show is pretty standard anime fare; cute girls in cute situations, with some serious stuff thrown in; a world that’s fairly generic; characters who fall squarely into established tropes and stereotypes; and a story that’s about as by the numbers as a paint by numbers picture book. It does, admittedly, …