Moonlight Becomes Her – A Dark Lesbian Vampire Romance PREVIEW

Three Centuries. Two Outcasts. One Love.

After two years on the beat, twenty year old PC Sally Holden transfers to Bath Police Force’s CID—the Criminal Investigations Department. But when she arrives, all she finds is hostility, corruption, and a general sense that she is very much not welcome.

Her first assignment soon comes in: investigating a low priority assault case no one else can be bothered with at a local Catholic Girls School, St. Hallowfell’s. The victim has unusual puncture wounds and remembers virtually nothing about her attacker, just a vague sense of serenity, almost like being back in the womb… or in a trance.

Transferring into the school as a grounds person in order to keep an eye on things, Sally must discover what really happened and who is responsible for the attacks. But during the course of her investigation, she will also have to come to terms with the realisation that the world isn’t quite as clear-cut as she thought it was…

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Lesbian Lift Liaisons – A Sci-fi Novelette PREVIEW

Do you like sci-fi settings where pretty much anything is possible? Lesfic and a spot of futa romance? Well, this might be the book for you if you answered yes to those. This is just one of many books (and series) I’m writing in this sci-fi setting, and if you sign up to my Reader List you’ll also get the first chapter—exclusive to readers on my list—from one of those other works as thanks. Anyway, hope you enjoy this brief preview, and if you’d like to grab it, just look to the sidebar.

Is it possible to reach heaven without leaving your body?

I’ve always been told I’m plain, boring. And I guess I am. Being a scientific kind of girl, I decided that going to university was the best plan for my future. Maybe go from there to Titania’s Fleet Academy, learn to fly or maintain starships or something. But surely there’s more to life than just a solid career?

Secretly, I’ve always wanted a girlfriend, someone reassuringly confident I can feel at ease around. And maybe… a special someone who ticks a certain special box as far as special equipment goes… but I’m probably just being fanciful, huh?

I seem to attract a certain type of girl. The type who’s just after sex, sex, and more sex. And sure, I like some action as much as the next girl, but really… is a proper relationship with someone that much to ask? I’ve been told I’m prickly, cold… and I suppose that attracts the wrong sort of girl. But maybe, one day I might find that one special girl?

Hah, who am I kidding? I’m probably destined for a life of one-nighters and relationships where my reputation between the sheets is more important than my personality.

Told from the perspective of both Mia and Karen in an alternating first-person style, Lesbian Lift Liaisons takes place in the Year 3000, when humanity has colonised vast swathes of the galaxy and technology has advanced to such a degree that it might as well be magic. But this story focuses a grand setting down to that of two girls looking for love in a huge galaxy where almost anything is possible.

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New Life, New Strife – Futa Favours Vol. 2 PREVIEW

With the second book of my sweet yet sexy futa series releasing on the 27th of this month, I figure it’s time to put out a preview. First, go check out the last post if you’ve not read Book 1 and have an interest in futa lesfic. Sorted? Awesome. Here’s a couple of sample chapters from Book 2:

A new life in a new city.

Having been kicked out of university for getting up to intimate activities on campus, Futaba and Yuri have moved from Tokyo to Okayama, a city far to Japan’s south west in order to start a new life together.

After finding jobs at a small café opposite one of the city’s many beautiful parks, Yuri worries about their future and her ability to support them while Futaba attends a night school, and two new girls complicate their relationship…

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Paying Down Her Debt – Futa Favours Vol. 1 PREVIEW

Do you enjoy lesbian fiction? Perhaps you also like a spot of futa? If you answered yes to these questions, have I got good news for you. I’m Freia, and I specialise in delicious futanari stories, generally with a cute and/or sweet tone.

But why take my word for it? Much better to see for yourself my relaxed and playful writing style, right? So have yourself a free preview of the first book in a four book series called Futa Favours, a couple of chapters to whet the appetite:

Just one little mistake can change a life.

Kirishima Futaba had expected her first day at Tokyo U to go pretty much like any other day. But when she’s asked to deliver some papers to the Student Council president, Aikawa Yuri, she finds herself in a sticky situation involving an expensive broken vase—a present destined for Yuri’s mother—and a debt she has no hope of paying. At least through regular means.

So begins Futaba’s journey to repaying her debt to the enigmatic and playful Yuri, a girl who turns out to have an unusual secret…

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