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The Love We Lost – Starlight Book 1 Published

After some two years, the first book of my magical girl (urban fantasy/paranormal) Starlight series is complete. The book, titled The Love We Lost, is soft-launched on Amazon, if you’re into this kind of genre, and especially so if you like stories with a Japanese setting/flavour. Completing a novel is always a great feeling. Many people talk about writing a book, but very few actually manage to start, and fewer still finish, so getting that first draft completed is a really big deal. And taking it through editing and polishing and actually publishing it? Few things come close to the …


Lesbian Sci-fi Novel Series – Aida: An Idol Romance

Are you a fan of cute FxF relationships? Possibly you’re looking for a developed sci-fi setting where cute girls can get up to cute things? Do you like slice of life with minimal conflict? Perhaps you enjoy some of the softer fetishes such as an interest in feminine scents and collecting panties? If you answered yes to one or all of those, have I got good news for you! Because I just so happen to have a setting exactly like that. What are the odds, right? Astronomical! But here we are. Say hello to my Lesbian Sci-fi Novel Series – Aida: …