forsaken: the journey home

A Sci-Fi Far Future Adventure

Love, survival, and adventure on a hostile alien world.

As the end of the third millennium creeps up on the people of the galaxy, Lesbian Liaisons, a company specialising in romantic holidays for lesbian ladies, puts on its annual year-end event.

But this year is different. This is the end of a millennium, and Lesbian Liaisons intends to usher in the Year 3000 with the biggest bang they can muster. Several thousand lucky lesbian ladies will gather on Titan Prime, capital planet and hub of human existence in a galaxy-spanning empire, ready for the journey of a lifetime.

On their special millennium voyage, they will visit Euphoris V, a pleasure system like no other. They’ll sip cocktails on the sandy beaches of Ventris. Enjoy skydiving, snorkelling, and canyon blasting in and around the reefs and skies of Carnolious. And maybe, just maybe find that special someone they seek.

That is… if they can reach their destination.

When an accident strikes their starliner, six young ladies are marooned on a forsaken and forgotten planet. The six of them, all from wildly different backgrounds and walks of life, will have to learn to work together to survive this hostile world. But this planet was forgotten for a reason, and holds a secret that could shake the galaxy to its core…

Forsaken was partially inspired by an anime called Uninhabited Planet Survive, which was itself essentially a sci-fi retelling of The Mysterious Island. Forsaken uses a similar setup: a group of people are marooned in a location they can’t easily escape, and have to deal with a mystery.

Forsaken is the first book of a larger series, and Patreon supporters have immediate access to the full book, plus behind the scenes content and other goodies. You can also jump onto my newsletter for updates, giveaways, promos, and more.


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