Forsaken: The Journey Home

As I mentioned in the page for my other sci-fi universe, Aida, I’ve always been a huge fan of this genre and space opera—with Babylon 5 being my absolute, all-time favourite show—but I’m also kind of crazy for cute lesbian girls (as if that wasn’t already obvious). So what better way to celebrate both of these than by combining them into one glorious setting?

That’s what my Star Empire setting is all about; it’s a far future sci-fi universe where I can do pretty much anything. Small, personal stories. Larger, space opera-like stories. And everything in-between, including fully justified futa (if you’re into that) and other fun things. You can think of it like my own cinematic universe, with stories that cross-over and reference each other.

This particular story is called Forsaken: The Journey Home, and it was the catalyst for developing this whole universe. Forsaken is, at its core, a survival and adventure story focusing on seven main girls (plus one other) who go on a special Year 3000 trip for lesbians… only to find themselves marooned on a lost world.

The opening act comprises around ~19,000 words (1/5th of a full novel) and lays the major groundwork for the rest of the story. You’ll be introduced to the main cast of girls, their personalities, and interests as they begin their ill-fated journey. Note that this is a preview, not the whole work.


Forsaken: The Journey Home Preview (Link takes you to your regional Amazon store)

As the end of the third millennium creeps up on the people of the galaxy, Lesbian Liaisons, a company specialising in romantic holidays for ladies of a certain persuasion, puts on its annual year-end event.

But this year is a little different. This is the end of a millennium, and Lesbian Liaisons intends to usher in the Year 3000 with the biggest bang they can muster. Several thousand lucky lesbian ladies will gather on Titan Prime, capital planet and hub of human existence in a galaxy-spanning empire, ready for the journey of a lifetime.

On their special millennium voyage, they will visit Euphoris V, a pleasure system like no other. They’ll sip cocktails on the sandy beaches of Ventris. Enjoy skydiving, snorkelling, and canyon blasting in and around the reefs and skies of Carnolious. And maybe, just maybe find that special someone they seek.

That is… if they can reach their destination.