Interested in lesfic, specifically lesfic with fully developed settings of a sci-fi, fantasy, or other interesting flavour? Like slice of life, low-conflict lesfic romance with a heavy emphasis on fun and naughty shenanigans? Or are you more into serious stories featuring lesbian protagonists where romance is more of a B-plot?

I write all of that and more. On this page you’ll find free books or samples I’m currently giving away so you can check out my work. If you enjoy them and would like to support my efforts to bring you more, the very best way is Patreon. You’ll get exclusive stories not available anywhere else if you do.

Or if you prefer one-time ‘buy and done’, you can also find them on Amazon (B&N, Kobo, and iBooks also coming soon!). There’ll be a few more books here soon, but some of them are still in Kindle Unlimited, so I have to wait for those enrolments to end before I can make any of them free.

An Idol Romance Books 1 & 2 + Prelude (total of ~100,000 words, full novel length)

Sci-fi-themed, unique setting involving Japanese-style idols, sexy shenanigans, an ensemble cast of fun characters. Sound interesting? Check it out! There are currently 10 novella-length books (in two Amazon collections of five apiece, or get access to all 10 by becoming a patron). This also includes a prequel story that I originally wrote for my patrons.

(More freebies coming soon!)