Note: Volume 1 of Futa Favours is currently in Kindle Unlimited until Feb 6, Volume 2 is not in KU right now. Once Volume 1 finishes its current enrolment, I’ll put both back in.

Futa Favours Volume 1 – Paying Down Her Debt (Contemporary Japan, Futa, Coming of Age, Kindle Unlimited)

Being indebted to someone isn’t always a bad thing.

Kirishima Futaba had expected her first day at Tokyo U to go pretty much like any other. But when she’s asked to deliver some papers to the Student Council president, Aikawa Yuri, she finds herself in a sticky situation involving an expensive broken vase—a present destined for Yuri’s mother—and a debt she has no hope of paying. At least through regular means.

So begins Futaba’s journey to repaying her debt to the enigmatic and playful Yuri, a girl who turns out to have an unusual secret…

Heat Level: Futanari lesbian erotic romance with a sweet and playful tone.

Futa Favours Volume 2 – New Life, New Strife

A new life in a new city.

Having been kicked out of university for getting up to intimate activities on campus, Futaba and Yuri have moved from Tokyo to Okayama, a city far to Japan’s southwest, in order to start a new life together.

After finding jobs at a small café opposite one of the city’s many beautiful parks, Yuri worries about their future and her ability to support them, while Futaba attends a night school and two new girls complicate their relationship…

Heat Level: Futanari lesbian erotic romance and slice of life with a sweet tone.