Futa Favours

I write mostly straight up lesfic content. Mostly. But I also enjoy dabbling in a spot of futanari on occasion, and that’s precisely what Futa Favours is. I mean, it’s right there in the title.

My futa works lean more heavily towards erotic content than anything else I write, with a pretty heavy focus on sexy times, but always with a fun story to tie everything together and provide appropriate context.

Futa Favours will eventually be a series of books, each involving a different pairing, but all with the same basic premise: one of the girls gets into difficulties and ends up having to provide the other with naughty favours, hence the title.


Futa Favours Volume 1: Yuri & Futaba (Link takes you to your regional Amazon store)

Kirishima Futaba had expected her first day at Tokyo U to go pretty much like any other day. But when she’s asked to deliver some papers to the Student Council president, Aikawa Yuri, she finds herself in a sticky situation involving an expensive broken vase—a present destined for Yuri’s mother—and a debt she has no hope of paying. At least through regular means.

So begins Futaba’s journey to repaying her debt to the enigmatic and playful Yuri, a girl who turns out to have an unusual secret…