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Keepin’ it Real 001 – Late 90s Trance Mix

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Mixes | 0 comments

Keepin' it Real 001 - Late 90s Trance

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of trance mixes I’ll be posting up whenever I feel like it. I’ve loved trance since around 1996, it’s pretty much my favourite genre of music even to this day. Alas, trance is but a shell of its former self these days, after falling off a cliff of mediocrity somewhere around 2013, but everything before that? Oh yeah, there’s lots of good shit I want to share.

Kicking off this series is a fairly safe little mix featuring a bunch of the best tracks from the late 90s, which I consider to be the golden age of trance. If you were around at the time, especially if you lived in Britain like me, then this mix will be pure nostalgia fuel. And if you’ve never heard this type of music before, I hope this will be enough to hook your interest!

All my mixes will be on HearThis under the name Lisa Lawless, and are free to listen to even without an account. I was going to use MixCloud, but they require an account to listen, and that’s no good at all. Additionally, patrons will get access to the mixes as .rar archives featuring split tracks in .ogg format and better quality than the streaming versions. Just another little bonus for those who support me directly 💘

You may be wondering why I’m using the name Lisa Lawless. Simple: Lisa Lawson is a character in my ongoing lesbian romance/sci-fi/Japanese idol series, Starlight Dreamers. She’s a DJ and, being completely honest, she’s very heavily based on me and my tastes. Her DJ stage name is Lisa Lawless, so… yeah, I figured it was appropriate to use the same name for my actual DJ persona. So there you go 😄

Anyway, with no further ado, here’s the first episode, clocking in at roughly 1.5 hours total. All of these mixes will be in the same ballpark of 1-2 hours a piece. Hope you enjoy!

(Note: for reasons I have yet to comprehend, HearThis’s embeds apparently don’t work properly on WordPress any more. As you can see above, it’s embedded, but the controls are broken and there’s no waveform. This is quite vexing. It works if you click to play, but I’d suggest middle-clicking the title of the mix—or long-press open in new tab if on mobile—to head over to the HearThis page and listen there until I can figure out what the problem is.)


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