Lesbian Lift Liaisons

Lesbian Lift Liaisons is a standalone short story based in my Star Empire universe, and features a futa girl. Click that link to go to the page for a story called Forsaken: The Journey Home, which has more details on the setting in question.

The story focusing on timid Mia and assertive Karen, two girls who live in a colossal starscraper—like a skyscraper, only much taller—but have so far never interacted directly. Until one day that changes, and Mia finds herself in several intimate situations involving her, Karen, and the starscraper’s lift…

Told from the perspective of both Mia and Karen in an alternating first-person style, Lesbian Lift Liaisons takes place in the Year 3000, when humanity has colonised vast swathes of the galaxy and technology has advanced to such a degree that it might as well be magic. But this story focuses a grand setting down to that of two girls looking for love in a huge galaxy where almost anything is possible.



I’ve always been told I’m plain, boring. And I guess I am. Being a scientific kind of girl, I decided that going to university was the best plan for my future. Maybe go from there to Titania’s Fleet Academy, learn to fly or maintain starships or something. But surely there’s more to life than just a solid career?

Secretly, I’ve always wanted a girlfriend, someone reassuringly confident I can feel at ease around. And maybe… a special someone who ticks a certain box as far as special equipment goes… but I’m probably just being fanciful, huh?


I seem to attract a certain type of girl. The type who’s just after sex, sex, and more sex. And sure, I like some action as much as the next girl, but really… is a relationship with someone that much to ask? I’ve been told I’m prickly, cold… and I suppose that attracts the wrong sort of girl. I hold out hope that maybe, one day I might find that one special person…

But hah, who am I kidding? I’m probably destined for a life of one-nighters and relationships where my reputation between the sheets is more important than my personality.