Looking for fun lesfic books with interesting and fun characters you can actually support and root for? Then you’re probably in the right place. I write a variety of genres and types of lesfic, from sci-fi to fantasy to erotic romance. Some of my work, such as my massive (Japanese style) idol-focused series An Idol Romance, is low-conflict and has a feel-good vibe. Other stories are more real and raw, but generally retain a relatively light-hearted tone. There’s more than enough nihilism and negativity in the world already, and I don’t feel inclined to add to it. I’d describe my work as uplifting above all else. Click the images below for more details.

An Idol Romance is a light-hearted, low-conflict slice of life erotic romance featuring Japanese style idols and a sci-fi , positive future setting.

The series is currently at 10 novellas published as two large collections of five books each, and the third collection of five is due for release in early August.

Forsaken: The Journey Home takes place in a far future sci-fi setting that is overall much grittier and more realistic than the positive future of An Idol Romance.

Forsaken itself follows six young ladies after they’re marooned on a long-lost world where they have to work together to uncover its mysteries.

The Love We Lost

The Love We Lost is the first book in a planned series of four collectively titled the Starlight series.

This series is heavily inspired by Japan’s magical girl genre, but the Western equivalent would be urban fantasy.

The Love We Lost is in Kindle Unlimited.

The Goddess Returns is a low fantasy (no elves or similar, but takes place in a fantasy world) erotic romance adventure novelette featuring two young ladies and a naughty lesbian goddess.

This is a planned series of novella length works, but for right now you can read this first entry in Kindle Unlimited.

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