An Idol Romance (Erotic Lesbian Romance with a Sci-fi setting, Japanese Idols, Kindle Unlimited)

The Red Planet produces many things. High-speed luxury starliners. Plastics, alloys, and gases essential to the construction of those same starliners. Beautiful, dusty red Martian Roses. My favourite pudding, the strawberry Olympus Bun. But the one thing Mars has rarely been known for producing is stellar level idols.

What are idols, you ask? According to my best friend Anise, entire books could—and have—been written on the subject of idols. To me, though, they’re people who make me smile and laugh, and who brighten my day simply by being. An idol’s job is to be a source of inspiration, a guiding light in times of darkness.

Idols can sing, dance, act, even work as producers for other idols, performing minor—and sometimes not-so-minor—miracles behind the scenes so their friends and rivals can be their best, too. And now I’m about to become an idol myself. Little ‘ol me, a girl with no real direction in my life. Frankly, the very idea is terrifying.

And very, very exciting.

My name’s Isla Ainsworth, and this is the story of how I became an idol.

Heat Level: Erotic Lesbian Romance with a positive tone.

My magnum opus, my passion project, call it what you will, this is a huge—and I mean huge, we’re talking 30 novellas here, each around 30-60k words in length—series which features Japanese-style idols, a sci-fi setting full of optimism and positivity, and lots of naughty lesbian relationships. If you like light-hearted stories with fun characters and a developed and believable setting, this is the series for you.

Sephila Episode 1 – The Goddess Returns (Low Fantasy, Erotic Lesbian Romance & Adventure, Deities)

After slumbering for a century after a particularly strenuous threesome, Sephila—goddess of lesbian liaisons—is back and looking for new disciples for her exclusive girls-only island club.

On a routine trade mission to the continent of Lafaire’s capital city, Hourence, partners Levana and Sui find themselves shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island which shouldn’t exist. Exploring the tropical and overgrown land, they soon discover something unexpected…

Heat Level: Mildly Spicy Lesbian Erotic Romance.

Sci-fi is probably my favourite genre of fiction, but I also have a hefty soft spot for some fantasy, too. High fantasy is fun and all, and I have at least one work planned that will feature elves and the like. But my preference these days is actually low fantasy, fictional worlds where magic is real, but the only sapient race is humans. And maybe some supernatural entities/deities.

Sephila falls firmly into the low fantasy genre, and takes place on a continent called Lafaire, a large landmass roughly analogous to the ancient Arab lands on Earth. By which I mean a hot climate, sand, and interesting architecture. But in Lafaire, magic exists, the whole world recently went through something of an industrial revolution, and there’s imminent conflict on the horizon…

Sephila Episode 2: The Princess Awakens (Coming… when it’s done)

After their run-in with the Goddess Sephila, Levana and Sui finally arrive at Hourence, Lafaire’s mighty capital city. As the three of them relax and unwind at a local bar, they begin to hear disturbing rumours; the princess, next in line for the throne of Hourence, has gone missing. It’s said that she’s on the run and that a usurper is after the throne.

The princess needs a place to lie low, gather her wits, and raise allies to retake her throne. And it just so happens that a certain goddess has an island in need of new blood…

This is the full novel-length follow-up to The Goddess Returns, and will feature some of the same light-hearted adventure and sexy times, but with a serious story running throughout involving the princess and her usurper. Coming 2020.