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First Degree Witch ($1 Tier)

  • General Support Tier.
  • Access to my novels before they hit Amazon/KU.
  • Notification of new projects/novels.
  • Early notification of Kindle Unlimited free days so you can grab my official releases at no extra cost.

Second Degree Witch ($3 Tier)

  • Specialist Support Tier.
  • Everything in previous tier.
  • Exclusive behind the scenes content.

Behind the scenes content includes access to my setting bibles (for my fellow lore nerds), though some of these might be sanitised to avoid spoilers for future projects. Posts talking about references, musical inspirations, and similar. Or even looks at unused ideas, characters, setting details, and similar things.

Third Degree Witch ($5 Tier)

  • Superfan Support Tier.
  • Everything in previous tiers.
  • Roughly one exclusive short story per month using existing characters, generally between 3,000 and 10,000 words.
  • Request content for characters you like! Non-canon pairings, alternate situations, spin-offs, etc.

The short stories you get at this level are always exclusive to this tier. They feature existing characters from my books and other stories, and often involve fun little adventures outside or between books in a series. I also explore alternate pairings and what-ifs.


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