In book 2 of Aida: An Idol Romance, I have an arc that introduces a new character called Ema. Her chapters largely revolve around dreams. Her lack of a dream, more specifically. As a young girl, she loved idols and wanted to be one, but given time and a mother who dislikes idols intensely, Ema’s love faded and her dream along with it.

One of the chapters in Ema’s arc is titled ‘Dreams Aren’t Made for Dreaming’. A later chapter, once Ema has resolved the problem impeding her progress, is titled ‘Dreams Are for Fulfilling’.

Dreams are an important aspect to the whole setting, with each of the girls having something she’s working towards, her own personal dream. And… in one or two cases, perhaps something she’s working to avoid.

Anyway, the idea is that dreams are important, and I’m no different in that respect. My biggest dream that I’d love to fulfil is to live in Japan and travel the country, writing stories while there, incorporating my experiences into them, and bringing you along for the ride.

I’m a massive fan of Japan and Japanese culture, which regularly comes through in my stories, whether that be in the setting itself, or particular genres (Starlight’s world is heavily based on Japan’s magical girl/mahou shoujo genre, for example) I enjoy, or other aspects.

Being able to visit long-term and see the cold north of Hokkaido, then travel down through Tokyo region, across to Kyoto and Kobe, then down to Osaka and finally the tropical climes of Okinawa would make me a very, very happy bunny indeed.

There are many places in Japan I want to visit, but chief among them is Gunkanjima, AKA Battleship Island. I have a fascination with post-apocalyptic settings, albeit with a healthy dislike for most of the stories set in those worlds, and absolutely love abandoned buildings (in Starlight’s first book, Meg gets her love of urbex from me). Gunkanjima is therefore one of those places I absolutely must visit before I die, and there’ll definitely be at least one (possibly creepy) story set there or inspired by it.

The idea would be to travel to Japan and see some of the places I’m most interested in, probably using capsule hotels and similarly cheap options (WWOOF is a possibility). But the end goal would be to purchase a place there. You can pick up those nice little one-room places you see in anime, including a small bathroom, for ~£15-20k, which I’d then use as a home base for further travel shenanigans.

So that’s my big dream, my goal to reach. And the best part is that you, dear reader, can help me achieve my dream, getting yourself some unique new content in return. Every book sale, KU page read, or new patron helps, and all goes towards becoming a full-time writer/author.

Being able to support myself from my writing alone would allow me to work while on the move like this. But it also means being free to write more content in general, meaning you get more stories. Everyone wins!

I’ll update this page at some unspecified point in the future when/if I manage to work this out. With any luck, before I die from old age, heh. I’m already 40… guess I better get a move on, huh? Wish me luck!