Paying Down Her Debt – Futa Favours Vol. 1 PREVIEW

Do you enjoy lesbian fiction? Perhaps you also like a spot of futa? If you answered yes to these questions, have I got good news for you. I’m Freia, and I specialise in delicious futanari stories, generally with a cute and/or sweet tone.

But why take my word for it? Much better to see for yourself my relaxed and playful writing style, right? So have yourself a free preview of the first book in a four book series called Futa Favours, a couple of chapters to whet the appetite:

Just one little mistake can change a life.

Kirishima Futaba had expected her first day at Tokyo U to go pretty much like any other day. But when she’s asked to deliver some papers to the Student Council president, Aikawa Yuri, she finds herself in a sticky situation involving an expensive broken vase—a present destined for Yuri’s mother—and a debt she has no hope of paying. At least through regular means.

So begins Futaba’s journey to repaying her debt to the enigmatic and playful Yuri, a girl who turns out to have an unusual secret…

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Top 10 Best Futanari Erotica Books July 2018

As the first post for this new site, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Best Futanari Erotica Books July 2018! Not necessarily the top 10 from this month, just ten books that are worth a look, in no particular order. Why futa? Because that’s one of the various things I write and I want to help my fellow authors with some promotion 💕 These are all Amazon US links, but you can easily click over to your own region on the page itself if you’re elsewhere in the world. Happy reading!

Top 10 Best Futanari Erotica Books July 2018


What are readers saying about it?

Without a doubt, this is the sexiest thing I’ve ever read. I will definitely be purchasing more works by Madeline Dusk.” – Kindle Customer


What are readers saying about it?

This is a spinoff story set in the same world as the Futa Huntress series, and I love how it references the same Penreal futa/Amazon mythology. Again, Longstaff demonstrates her superior fantasy writing skills, this time with a naughty parody of the classic “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” tale. Like all her work, the language is playful, the writing is tight and fast-paced, and the sexy bits are, well . . . breathtakingly sexy!” – Anon-y-mouse


What are readers saying about it?

As much as I love to get tipsy on his short story bundles, those clear shots cannot compare to the big, thick, creamy milkshake of a Reed James novella – especially when it is spiked with a dangerously delicious aphrodisiac. In Futa’s Passionate Awakening we get a complete story, with two parallel plot lines, and some wonderful character development. Not only is it his longest story to date, it is also his most satisfying and most fulfilling.” – Bending the Bookshelf


What are readers saying about it?

As usual, this author writes wonderful erotica, very desciptive, believable dialogue, and a unique style. I always enjoy her work …” – Casan


What are readers saying about it?

Could this book get any hotter? I think not. This book had just the right amount of S&M, storyline, and penetration. The descriptions are phenomenal and play so well into the imagination. I felt like I was watching a really good tentacle porn in my head. Loved this book!” – PandoraMalikite


What are readers saying about it?

If you want to read about a a woman becoming the spermbank of a futa queen this story is for you.” – Kindle Customer


What are readers saying about it?

Wow! This was yet another fine story from this author. I’m impressed that she can produce stories set in modern times and then so effortlessly slip into fantasy. This was such a great extension to the mage that she could …ahem… “grow” into a new role like this. Kudos on coming up with something this unique. Very well written book (as one would expect) and very good fantasy in the bargain. I would recommend this to anyone with even a passing interest in the genre.” – B. Binkerd


What are readers saying about it?

This books wasn’t one that I had planned on buying. I read it when it was available on Unlimited. It is a very sweet story which is not the norm for this kind of book. Each chapter brought them closer together at the same time introducing a new experiment to ratchet up the heat.” – Crystal F.


What are readers saying about it?

All I can say is wow! I’d never read a futa story before, but this was one of the sexiest reads I’ve had in a while. Intense and highly erotic. I highly recommend it!” – Amazon Customer


What are readers saying about it?

I think Id enjoy bit more resistance from Sally instead of being completely lost since the first sight/smell/taste. Otherwise great idea, I enjoyed it. Fun stuff could be a sequel. When baby becomes adult and Elder starts to share Sally. Or maybe baby uses Sally behind Elder’s back since Sally is exclusively Elder’s… I dont know, Im not the author, but I’d definitely want to see a sequel to this.” – Amazon Customer


I hope you found this Top 10 Best Futanari Erotica Books July 2018 helpful. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a ‘stuffed‘ (ohoho) genre, but there’s still some good content out there. Of course, if you’re into futa-on-female erotica, you could also check out the first book in my own series, Futa Favours [/ShamelessPlug]