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Thinking of supporting on Patreon? Interested in what sort of goodies you’ll get? Well, look no further! The freebies on this page are some examples of what sort of content my patrons get, sometimes exclusively (depending on tier and the particular story/project in question). Below, you’ll find a representative example from each of the three Patreon tiers you can support at. Hope you enjoy!

First Degree Witch ($1 Tier)

  • Access to my novels before they hit Amazon/KU.
  • Early notification of Kindle Unlimited free days so you can grab my official releases at no extra cost.
  • Behind the scenes content.
  • Sometimes-exclusive erotic content/stories, normally of novelette to novella length (10-25k words).

Download a PDF of The Goddess Returns, a fantasy erotic lesbian romance featuring adventure, sexy shenanigans, and a naughty goddess. This is the complete 12,000 word story, and serves as the introduction to a larger series.

Click HERE for an example of some of the behind the scenes content you get as a supporter. This post is unlocked to all visitors on Patreon, and covers the various little references in Starlight Dreamers’ first book. I talk about all sorts, but this serves as a mostly spoiler-free sample of just one of the types of content I provide to supporters.

Second Degree Witch ($3 Tier)

  • Everything in previous tier.
  • Regular futa FxF lesfic content.
  • Get involved! Suggest characters, names, ideas for new stories.

Download a PDF of Paying Down Her Debt, an FxF futa story set in contemporary Japan. Futaba is a new entrant to Tokyo U who ends up coming to the attention of the student council president, Yuri, in a way she never could have imagined. This is the complete book and is 24,000 words in length, and serves as the first of a four part series which will be a full novel once completed.

Third Degree Witch ($5 Tier)

  • Everything in previous tiers.
  • Roughly one exclusive short story per month using existing characters, generally between 3,000 and 10,000 words.
  • Request content for characters you like! Non-canon pairings, alternate situations, spin-offs, etc.

Download a PDF of New Life, an exclusive short story that only $5 patrons get access to. This version is approximately the first third of the story (~3,000 words), which serves as a mostly spoiler-free introduction to the world of Starlight Dreamers, and two of its main characters, Lisa and Mira.

The full story is 9,000 words long, and available to $5 tier patrons, along with other spin-off stories set in my existing universes, as noted above. The reason for my not giving you the full version is simply because the rest of the story involves spoilers and you really need to have read the first two books to fully appreciate what’s going on.

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