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First Degree Witch ($1 Tier)

  • General Support Tier.
  • Access to my novels before they hit Amazon/KU.
  • Notification of new projects/novels.
  • Early notification of Kindle Unlimited free days so you can grab my official releases at no extra cost.

Second Degree Witch ($3 Tier)

  • Specialist Support Tier.
  • Everything in previous tier.
  • Roughly one short story per month.
  • Exclusive behind the scenes content.

A word on the short stories: these are themed collections of shorts I’ve started writing recently and each story will remain exclusive to this tier until the full collection is complete. At that point I will publish the collection to Amazon and share it with the $1 tier as I would any other book.

Click HERE for an example of some of the behind the scenes content you get as a supporter. This post is unlocked to all visitors on Patreon, and covers the various little references in Starlight Dreamers’ first book.

I talk about all sorts, but this serves as a mostly spoiler-free sample of just one of the types of exclusive behind the scenes content I provide to supporters at this tier.

(Note: this tier is a recent addition, so it’s a bit sparse on fiction content right now. New stuff coming soon!)

Third Degree Witch ($5 Tier)

  • Superfan Support Tier.
  • Everything in previous tiers.
  • Roughly one exclusive short story per month using existing characters, generally between 3,000 and 10,000 words.
  • Request content for characters you like! Non-canon pairings, alternate situations, spin-offs, etc.

Unlike the previous tier, the short stories you get at this level are always exclusive. They feature existing characters from my books and other stories, and often feature fun little adventures outside or between books in a series. I also explore alternate pairings and what-ifs.


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