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Sharing Starlight Dreamers Parts 1-5 for FREE

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Releases, Sales & Promos | 0 comments

Starlight Dreamers

So… this is my big-ass passion project, a multi-part, light-hearted sci-fi flavoured lesbian romance series with erotic elements and Japanese-style idols. And that was a hell of a mouthful. Or a finger full, possibly. Either way, this is my baby and I’m sharing the first five parts for free, permanently!

Why am I doing this? Because I want people to read it 🙂 And, admittedly, because it’s damn near impossible to market effectively due to the unique blend of genres ;p But if you like lesfic with a fun tone and low conflict, this might just be for you. It’s an ensemble cast work and I release each part as a novella-length arc involving a particular pairing or event which ties into larger ongoing arcs.

Presently I have nearly 30 parts completed, all of which are exclusive to patron supporters. For just a dollar a month you’ll get access to all of those, plus new ones as they’re released, and other goodies (including early access to my Amazon books before publication). For more details on the whole thing, including the full list of published parts, check out the page HERE. That page has the download, or just click the link below:


Total length is 108,000 words for these five parts, in PDF format, and it has a satisfying ending while leaving plenty of threads open for the parts that come after these. If you enjoy it and would like to support my ability to continue writing it, consider becoming a patron:


And the reason this is patron-exclusive is because it frees me from Amazon’s bullshit when it comes to erotic works. Only 5-10% of the whole project is actually erotic (plus I maintain a non-ero version for those who prefer a fade to black), but that doesn’t matter to Amazon. It gets dumped into the erotica categories and is never seen again, in short ;_; Keeping it as a Patreon project allows me full freedom to write what I want.

Anyway, enough rambling. I hope you check it out and I’ll maybe see you on Patreon 💗


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