Shipbreakers Series

The Galactic Encyclopaedia of Everything (33rd edition) defines a Shipbreaker as a person (or persons) who salvages high value targets, space hulks, and other strategic assets.

Those working in the Shipbreaking business mostly just think of themselves as freedom seekers. It can be a lonely profession, spending weeks at a time scouring the fringes of known space and beyond for signs of the next big score, but a thousand years of human history among the stars has left behind all manner of relics and goodies for the taking… for those brave (or foolish) enough to chase after them.

Captain Eliza Schneider’s all-female crew of the salvage vessel Star of Dawn is one such team brave enough to enter the lawless regions of space where there are no rules, and where justice is dispensed from the barrel of a hyper-velocity railgun.

Old & New is the first part of a multi-part series following the adventures of the Star of Dawn‘s crew as they find new targets for salvage… and end up embroiled in something much bigger and more dangerous than merely salvaging derelict spacecraft.


Heat Level: Lesbian Space Opera / Adventure with some explicit lesbian romance scenes.

Length: 12,000 word novelette. Subsequent parts will be 20-30k word novellas.

This series will appeal to lesbian fiction fans who enjoy space opera and shows like Firefly (albeit with a lighter tone than that show).

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Genres: sci-fi, space opera, mecha, lesbian adventure, occasional erotic romance elements

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