The Love We Lost

Starlight Book 1

The Love We Lost

If you lost your love, would you steal it from someone else?

I used to love magical girl stories when I was a kid. Something about those young girls fighting an unambiguously evil Big Bad with colourful and flashy magic moves was compelling, fun, exciting.

Now I’m a magical girl, and the first thing I’ve learned is this: the real world is a lot more complex than that, and the bad guys aren’t always unambiguously evil. Sometimes, they’re just desperate people in desperate situations. And trying to save your world from destruction… well, we both have that in common.

Now I need to decide which world is more important. Mine… or my friend’s.

When Meg Momozono moved to Kamogawa, Japan, to attend a university of the arts, her only real worries had been whether she’d get on okay, if she could speak the language without embarrassing oopsies, and being able to could cook a basic meal without poisoning herself.

But when she has a chance run-in with a hulking, demonic-looking entity, her life takes a drastic turn. Receiving the help of a mysterious girl dressed in an outfit which Meg can’t help but associate with the magical girl shows she watched as a child, she must make the toughest decision of her life: to become a magical girl herself and reveal a world she never knew existed…

Or choose the safe option and go back to her life as a university student.


The Love We Lost is available for $2.99 (or regional equivalent), or you can read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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