Lily Lancaster’s LesFic


Fury Weekend

Fury weekend is my favourite Synthwave artist by far. Top tier music, highly recommended. Thousand Lights (below) is also my favourite synthwave track, period, it’s absolute god tier. Fury Weekend also has a number of awesome remixes, including Linkin’ Park’s In the End (yes, really).

Street Cleaner

If you like your synthwave a bit darker, Street Cleaner’s got you covered. Much heavier, darker, and grittier than Fury Weekend, with some lighter, more heavily 80s-vibe synthwave sprinkled in.

The Midnight

Not one of my favourites, but still pretty darn good. The Midnight has a softer, more chilled and upbeat feel compared to the likes of Street Cleaner.


Another artist who leans more towards the dark synthwave end of the spectrum. Good stuff.

The Enigma TNG

The Enigma TNG is one of my favourites as well, experimenting with a veritable smörgåsbord of different electronic styles, and generally just being all round awesome. Some of his stuff I can take or leave (especially the more industrial tracks), but some (like Beyond the Stars, below) are absolutely stellar (pun totally intended).


A variety of styles here, but my favourite track is actually a remix of Radiohead’s Creep, embedded below.


Pure, unadulterated, no-nonsense cyberpunk synthwave.

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