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The Thrillseekers (AKA Steve Helstrip)

I’ve been in the trance scene since 1996, and Steve Helstrip, more commonly known as The Thrillseekers, has been one of the consistent high points for me. Super nice guy, and an amazing DJ. His sets on Youtube are a great place to start if you’ve not looked into trance before.

Armin van Buuren

Another of the big hitters, Armin has also been around the trance scene for decades. While I still absolutely love his earlier work (late 90s to mid-00s especially), I’m less fond of his more recent content, but that’s my general feeling as far as all modern trance goes, to be fair. It lost most of what made it great somewhere around 2012, alas. Still, Armin has a weekly show called A State of Trance, which is up to nearly 1000 episodes. Plenty to sink your teeth into there 🙂

(Note that Armin doesn’t have some of his earlier episodes on his own channel, hence why the below video is from another channel. Just search for A State of Trance on Youtube and you’ll find them all easily enough.)

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