Starlight Series (Urban Fantasy, Other World, Magical Girl, Contemporary Japan, Kindle Unlimited)

I love magical girls, it’s one of my favourite genres of Japanese fiction. Because of that love, I ended up planning out my own magical girl series called Starlight. The western equivalent is urban fantasy; a contemporary urban setting where magic is a thing.

The first book, titled The Love We Lost, is published on Amazon right now, and currently in Kindle Unlimited. So if you have a subscription, go read it while you can. This is planned to be 4-6 books in length, so it’s a pretty serious project and sits right up there with An Idol Romance as one of my major passion works. Got lots of awesome stuff planned for this.

Moonlight Becomes Her (Lesbian Vampire, Contemporary Britain)

Three Centuries. Two Outcasts. One Love.

After two years on the beat, twenty year old PC Sally Holden transfers to Bath Police Force’s CID—the Criminal Investigations Department. But when she arrives, all she finds is hostility, corruption, and a general sense that she is very much not welcome.

Her first assignment soon comes in: investigating a low priority assault case no one else can be bothered with at a local Catholic Girls School, St Hallowfell’s. The victim has unusual puncture wounds and remembers virtually nothing about her attacker, just a vague sense of serenity, almost like being back in the womb… or in a trance.

Transferring into the school as a grounds person in order to keep an eye on things, Sally must discover what really happened and who is responsible for the attacks. But during the course of her investigation, she will also have to come to terms with the realisation that the world isn’t quite as clear-cut as she thought it was…