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Do you like cute stories of girls learning about love and life in a sci-fi setting? Idols (the Japanese type)? Lesfic with a soft and cute slice of life feel? So do I! Which is why I’m writing a long, multi-part novella serial with all of these things and more.

With the third book in the serial being released on the 22nd of June, I figured it’d be nice to do something to celebrate. While book 1 is currently 99p/99c on Amazon, you can grab a free copy right here just by signing up for our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time, and GDPR compliance is handled by MailChimp, our mailing list provider:

You’ll get a welcome email around 4 hours after signing up with a link to the free book, I hope you enjoy it! If you do like it, book 2 is available on Amazon right now 🙂

And now for the ostensible subject of this post: Book 3! Until the book goes live on the 22nd of June, it’s available for the special price of 99p/99c, so maybe go grab yourself a bargain. I hope you enjoy my light-hearted and feelgood works, and would love to hear from you if you do (you can find email details at the back of any of my books). Thanks!

Sephila Volume 1: The Goddess Awakens lesbian fantasy novelette published!

Hi, everyone, just a quick post to let lesfic lovers everywhere know that I’ve published the first book in a cute adventure serial set in a low fantasy world.

On a routine trade mission to Lafaire’s capital city of Hourence, partners Levana and Sui find themselves shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island which shouldn’t exist. Exploring the tropical and overgrown island, they soon discover something unexpected…

Heat Level: Lesbian Erotic Romance/Low fantasy adventure.

Approx. Word Count: 11,000

Grab it for 99p/99c on Amazon! And if you enjoy my work, I’d love it if you’d leave a quick review on Amazon, thanks!

Pre-order Paying Down Her Debt by Freia Ricola – Update, Book is now live!

Kirishima Futaba had expected her first day at Tokyo U to go pretty much like any other day. But when she’s asked to deliver some papers to the Student Council president, Aikawa Yuri, she finds herself in a sticky situation involving an expensive broken vase—a present destined for Yuri’s mother—and a debt she has no hope of paying. At least through regular means.

So begins Futaba’s journey to repaying her debt to the enigmatic and playful Yuri, a girl who turns out to have an unusual secret…

Paying Down Her Debt is the first in a four part novelette serial featuring a sexy relationship between two girls, one of whom harbours a naughty secret. If you like a spot of futa fun focusing heavily on sexy times but also featuring a developing relationship with an overall sweet tone, then this could be just what you’re looking for!

Buy it now on Amazon for the special release price of 99p/99c (or your regional equivalent)! Offer ends Monday.

Free Lesbian Fiction eBook – Aida Volume 1 for a Limited Time!

Free Lesbian Fiction eBook Aida Volume 1Interested in a free lesbian fiction ebook? For a limited time, I’m giving away the first book in my serial work titled Aida: An Idol Romance.  Do you like idols (based on the Japanese variety)? Slice of life feelgood stories? A far future sci-fi setting? Yes? Then you’ll probably love this!

All you need is the Kindle app, freely available through any app store, or a Kindle device. Go grab yourself a freebie!

Dreaming of the Stars, Volume 1 of Aida: An Idol Romance on Amazon.

And in the event you happen to enjoy my tale of cute girls doing cute things (and each other…), Book 2 is available and Book 3 is coming soon. I hope you enjoy reading! And if you like what you read, I’d love it if you could leave a review on the Amazon storefront of your choice, thanks!


Welcome to the Coven

Do you enjoy lesbian fiction? Romance? Slice of life? Sci-fi and fantasy? So do we! As big fans of all things girl love, our authors write in a diverse set of genres, sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes downright tragic, but always enjoyable (at least, we think so, and we should know!).

Yurika S. Grant writes exclusively erotic romance of one form or another, using interesting settings (far future sci-fi and fantasy especially) and focusing mostly on novelettes (10-15k words) and novellas (~40k words). Her serial work, Aida: An Idol Romance, is slated to be some 24 novellas and the first two books are published to Amazon. She might even have a free book promo coming in the next few hours… 😉

(Midnight PST June 1st to be precise)

Yuna Celeste writes novels that tend towards fantasy and urban fantasy, and her first book, Starlight Blues, is currently in revision stages. She hopes to publish that later this year, and it’s the first in a trilogy.

Finally for now, Freia Ricola loves all things hard and sexy and writes pure erotica, especially anything involving certain fetishes. Her first couple of works are coming soon to Amazon.

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay, and we’re looking forward to sharing our stories with you! And keep an eye out for Yurika’s free promo around 7 hours from the date of this post’s publication if you’re interested in checking out Aida.