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About Lilycoven

Lilycoven is the home base for Lily Lancaster, lesfic writer and occasional witch aficionado (hence the name). That’s me, incidentally. If you’re here from one of my books, you already know basically what I write, but for anyone who might find their way here via other means, welcome to the coven.

I can’t guarantee you cauldron recipes or other secrets of the trade, but you’ll certainly get a load of lesbian fiction , which is its own form of recipe I very much enjoy experimenting with. In general, I write mostly fairly light-hearted stories filled with lesbian romance, sometimes sexy shenanigans, and interesting settings.

My works on Amazon are generally non-erotic (with the exception of my big lesbian erotic romance series, Starlight Dreamers), and focus on lesbian stories where romance is a B-plot. Magical girls (urban fantasy), sci-fi, fantasy, I write all of these and more. You can check out all my books in the books page.

Patreon, on the other hand, is where the naughty stuff happens, so if you like sexy shenanigans to go along with your lesbian romance, this is the place for you. In addition to my regular lesfic, I also dabble a little in some FxF futa fun, which is exclusive to my Patreon supporters.

About Lily Lancaster

I started writing back in 2014 after a life spent reading regularly and enjoying all manner of fun stories, especially by my favourite author, Sir Terry Pratchett. It’s not the first time I’ve tried writing, but it was the first time it really took. The internet, with all its thousands of resources for writers, really helped.

I’ve also loved Japan and Japanese media for a long time (since 2004 or so), so a lot of my own stories are heavily influenced by that interest. As far as my general likes and preferences… I love witches (the cute variety), weather that’s neither too warm nor too cold, and the aforementioned Japanese interests, but otherwise I’m actually quite a boring person most of the time. The exciting stuff happens in my stories.

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