lily lancaster

Author of Lesbian Fiction

Lily Lancaster is a lesfic writer and witch aficionado who writes mostly light-hearted stories filled with lesbian romance, occasional sexy shenanigans (though this is mostly for patrons), and interesting settings.

In the sci-fi sphere, she normally keeps things grounded in relatively realistic science, but is never above doing something fantastical if a particular story calls for it. Space opera is Lily’s preferred genre of sci-fi, with Babylon 5 being not only her favourite TV show, but one of her primary inspirations.

As for fantasy, she enjoys high fantasy as a reader (Tolkien remains the gold standard, in Lily’s opinion), but as a writer she prefers more grounded low fantasy with a deficit of elves, dwarves, and other fantastical races, but a surfeit of lesbian ladies. She writes lesbian fiction, what else did you expect?

Lily started writing back in 2014 after a life spent reading regularly and enjoying all manner of fun stories, especially by her favourite author, Sir Terry Pratchett. It’s not the first time she’s tried writing, but it was the first time it really took.

Lily loves Japan and Japanese media, and a lot of her own stories are heavily influenced by those interests.

Lily lives in the eastern portion of the United Kingdom (which would perhaps be more accurately called Airstrip One right now) where there is a serious shortage of hills, but a great amount of rain and generally miserable weather.

She enjoys vidja games as her primary source of entertainment (excluding books), but while she started out in her younger years as a big-time JRPG fan (back in the glory days of Final Fantasy 7-9, Suikoden, Grandia, and many other great games), these days her tastes have shifted more towards ‘make your own story‘ games such as Rimworld, Kenshi, and Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.

As far as her general likes and preferences go… she loves witches (the cute variety), weather that’s neither too warm nor too cold, and the aforementioned Japanese interests, but otherwise she is actually quite a boring person most of the time. The exciting stuff happens in her stories.


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