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lily lancaster

Author of Female-Focused Fiction

Are you tired of the Hollywood trend of Strong Female Characters™? Of characters with all the personality of a plank of wood, and the depth of a puddle? Of stories that make no sense and put down male characters at every turn in order to elevate their shallow, vapid female ones? Then you’re in the right place!

As an author of female-focused fiction (often, but not always with some lesbian aspects), I love writing interesting and fun characters in sci-fi, fantasy, and other settings. I love Japan and Japanese media, and these interests often inform my own work, especially in the magical girl, Japanese-style idol, and space opera spheres… and I write all three of those, and more.

In short:

🚫 No woke bullshit.
🚫 No Mary Sues.
🚫 No AI-generated or assisted content.
✅ Just fun stories.


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