Sci-fi is probably my favourite genre of fiction, but I also have a hefty soft spot for some fantasy, too. High fantasy is fun and all, and I have at least one work planned that will feature elves and the like. But my preference these days is actually low fantasy, fictional worlds where magic is real, but the only sentient race is humans. And maybe some supernatural entities/deities.

Lafaire falls firmly into the low fantasy genre, and takes place on the titular continent of Lafaire, a large landmass roughly analogous to the ancient Arab lands on Earth. By which I mean a hot climate, sand, and interesting architecture. But in Lafaire, magic exists, the whole world recently went through something of an industrial revolution—combining technology and magic in ways both beneficial and destructive—and there’s imminent conflict on the horizon…


Episode 1: The Goddess Returns (Link takes you to your regional Amazon store)

On a last minute trade mission to the capital city of Hourence, partners Levana and Sui find themselves shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island which shouldn’t exist. Exploring the tropical and overgrown land, they soon discover something unexpected…

This first episode is a short introduction to the world of Lafaire, and three of the main characters. It’s overall a light-hearted adventure of two young ladies meeting a goddess and getting themselves into a bargain that seems too good to be true. It features a healthy dose of naughtiness in addition to the main story, and serves as the opening act to:

Episode 2: The Princess Awakens (Coming later in 2019!)

After their run-in with the Goddess Sephila, Levana and Sui finally arrive at Hourence, Lafaire’s mighty capital city. As the three of them relax and unwind at a local bar, they begin to hear disturbing rumours; the princess, next in line for the throne of Hourence, has gone missing. It’s said that she’s on the run and that a usurper is after the throne.

The princess needs a place to lie low, gather her wits, and raise allies to retake her throne. And it just so happens that a certain goddess has an island in need of new blood…

This is the full novel-length follow-up to The Goddess Returns, and will feature some of the same light-hearted adventure and sexy times, but with a serious story running throughout involving the princess and her usurper. Expect it sometime in the first half of 2019!