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Disharmony of Desire
42% Complete
25,004 of 60,000 words
Book 7 of Starlight Dreamers, Disharmony of Desire follows Isla and Millie as they immediately run into difficulties attempting to form an idol unit.

The Love We Lost
57% Complete
113,809 of 200,000 words
The Love We Lost is my take on the Japanese magical girl genre. Set in the Japanese coastal town of Kamogawa about an hour from Tokyo, the story centres around Meg Momozono and her friends as they attempt to save the Earth from looming catastrophe.

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Forsaken: The Journey Home Pre-order

Forsaken: The Journey Home Pre-order

Love, survival, and adventure on a hostile alien world. As the end of the third millennium creeps up on the people of the galaxy, Lesbian Liaisons, a company specialising in romantic holidays for lesbian ladies, puts on its annual year-end event. But this year is...

New Release: Old & New (Part 1 of Shipbreakers)

New Release: Old & New (Part 1 of Shipbreakers)

Have you ever fancied something kind of similar to Firefly, only featuring an all-female (and, indeed, all-lesbian, because that's kind of what i write) crew and a rather less grim universe? Well, look no further! Shipbreakers is a sci-fi / space opera adventure...


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