Starlight Dreamers Series

Starlight Dreamers

Sci-fi Lesbian Romance

Some stars last forever

Starlight Dreamers is a sci-fi, positive future lesbian romance series featuring Japanese-style idols. This series will appeal to anyone who enjoys idols, positivity, light-hearted (and often naughty) shenanigans, and low conflict slice of life fun. Great to unwind with after a trying day, especially in the current climate.

The series is erotic in nature, but these scenes generally comprise no more than 5-10% of each book, and there is a non-erotic collection being released on the completion of every three books in the series, for those who prefer more of a fade to black than descriptive sex.

Daunted by the length? No worries, book 1 is only 99c (or regional equivalent), or you can become a patron for as little as a dollar a month and get everything at once, plus the new books as they’re completed (among other goodies!).

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(Temporary note: Book 5 is still in Kindle Unlimited at present. Once it is out and I’ve published it to other platforms, I’ll add the link below.)

Genres: sci-fi, positive future, lesbian romance, idols

The Series So Far

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