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Starlight Dreamers

Starlight Dreamers is a positive future, sci-fi lesbian erotic romance series featuring Japanese-style idols. It’s a fairly unique blending of various genres, some of which aren’t even much of a thing in the West, making it damn near impossible to market effectively.

That said, I figure the best thing to do is simply give away the first five parts so you can read it yourself for free and see if it’s something you might like to support.  Find the link below to check out the PDF that includes Parts 1-5.

The series is erotic in nature, and these scenes generally comprise no more than 5-10% of the whole work, but if you prefer more of a fade to black than descriptive sexy times, I also maintain a non-ero version of this particular series.

This series will appeal to anyone who enjoys idols, positivity, light-hearted (and often naughty) shenanigans, and low conflict slice of life fun. Great to unwind with after a trying day, especially in the current climate.

Daunted by the length? No worries, I release each part as a novella-length arc involving a particular pairing or event, giving you plenty of easy stopping points if you can only read a small amount at a time.

The first five parts, shared for free below, make up a total of ~108,000 words, or roughly 1.25 novels, and I’ve shared that selection on purpose because it gives you a satisfying ending even if you don’t decide to become a patron in order to access the rest. I hope you enjoy it!

If you do decide to support on Patreon, then you’ll have immediate access to all of the parts listed below, with the exception of the final few which are in the process of being tidied/edited or written. I’ve kept the descriptions fairly vague/spoiler free on purpose. You also get other goodies for supporting, which are listed on Patreon itself 😊


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The Series So Far

Part 1 – Martian Blooms

Best friends Isla and Anise make the decision to become idols and transfer from their home on Mars to Dreamstar Academy in the city of Apollotia, planet Aida. 

Part 2 – Dreaming of the Stars

Settling into their lives on Aida, Isla and Anise meet new friends and potential rivals Lisa and Mira. But more than rivals, there might also be a hint of romance in the air…

Part 3 – Sunrise Over Apollotia

Mira offers to become Isla’s official idol producer and sends her to a rigorous training camp run by the academy. Here, Isla meets two new friends, the bubbly Millie and gothic Eva. 

Part 4 – A Slogh Weekend

While Isla is away on her own weekend camp, Lisa takes Anise to the neighbouring city of Slogh to meet some useful contacts. While here, Anise becomes friends with Princess Keliana of colony world Gran Manillo.

Part 5 – My Secret Dream

Over the same weekend as Isla and Anise are away, one Ema Campbell attends a live concert by Dreamstar’s top idol, Cassiopeia Luna. Remembering her own love of idols, Ema eventually has a chance run-in with Isla and her life takes a new turn she hadn’t expected…

Part 6 – Learning Unity

Mira extends her offer of production to Millie and immediately puts her and Isla together to see if they might make a good idol unit.

As the name implies, units require unity, and not all pairings are cut out for each other.

Part 7 – Bold New Horizons

Working on her solo career some more, Millie auditons for a new show where she meets a rival from the neighbouring city of New Meadowstone. And the girls spend an evening on a cruise ship observing the academy’s top model, Yana Anisimova at a fashion event.

Part 8 – Leaving Her Shell

Eva attempts to beat her shyness by getting involved with this year’s Dethfes. While there, she meets some new friends from a rival idol agency, then enjoys a fun evening with her friends at a local hot spring inn.

Part 9 – Ups & Downs

After joining the very agency whose idols Eva has recently been involved with, Ema finally begins her own ascent as an idol. But having a mother who disapproves of her new goal isn’t going to make this easy.

Part 10 – Broken Heights

Both Isla and Eva find themselves having problems with a certain friend, and each needs to deal with this in order to move on…

Part 11 – Partners

After being challenged to a tennis match by Luna, Isla finally returns the favour in order to become partners for the academy’s coming tennis tournament. And Eva finally makes a tough decision.

Part 12 – Discovering Our Direction

With the tournament behind them, it’s time to look towards the next goal. Isla and Eva therefore spend some time deciding on the direction they wish to head as idols, and Millie meets a new friend called Kanae. Isla is also over the moon at meeting her first ever fan.

Part 13 – Preparing for Success

Princess Keliana finally returns to Dreamstar Academy after her extended stay in the city of Slogh. Meanwhile, Isla, Eva, and Olympia visit a mansion with a storied history in order to get some new composite photos for their academy profiles.

Part 14 – A New Desire

Anise learns of an upcoming audition to become the main character in a new show, while simultaneously working hard to be the best model she can be with clothing brand Retrolution. And Millie sets her sights on a certain girl for some fun…

Part 15 – Chasing the Moon

Isla has to overcome her first real screw-up as an idol, and the girls enjoy a day of off-time—the idol industry term for a rest and recouperation period—at an academy-owned campground where a variety of enjoyable mischief occurs.

Part 16 – The Wrong Road

On extremely short notice, Eva has to fly 1,000 miles to a place called Movie Town so she can fill a part in a new series which might just be cursed.

Part 17 – Westward Bound

Ema has settled into her life as an agency idol, and has been given the opportunity to fly to New Meadowstone with her friends Kirsten and Danika in order to see what life is like for the idols at Iruo Idol Institute. Here, they meet two new girls, Rose and Aurika, who are due to visit Dreamstar soon…

Part 18 – Something Borrowed

It’s finally time for Anise’s big audition, but she learns Aphrodite’s Minami is also going for it. Training alongside each other, they take the audition together… which ultimately leads to some extracurricular activities. And Ema visits Dreamstar to spend a week with her rival, Isla.

Part 19 – The Devil’s in the Details

Rose and Aurika arrive at Dreamstar Academy for their month-long stay, and are settled in by Isla and Anise. Meanwhile, Eva goes for an important modelling audition.

Part 20 – Festivites of Film Fun

Anise decides that the girls—those who are available, anyway—should enter Apollotia’s yearly 48 Hour Film Festival. During this, Eva realises she might finally have found what she is looking for.

Part 21 – Unlikely Partners

In the lead-up to the big Explorer Event being held in September, Headmistress Lawson puts Princess Keliana & Yana—two young ladies from colony worlds that have not historically got along well—together in hopes of building new bridges and mending old wounds.

Part 22 – Exploring New Options

It’s finally time for the big event and the various idols who will be attending have gathered, ready to model… and to enjoy their weekend of fun together. A long-absent friend returns, Millie enjoys a new taste opportunity, and Isla makes the biggest decision of her idol life so far.

Part 23 – Flowers On Ice

After the weekend modelling and fun, the Explorer Event continues. Kelly and Yana continue deepening their new friendship while simultaneously being annoyed by the politics of their respective worlds. And the girls receive the results of the 48 Hour Film Festival.

Part 24 – The Tour

Isla’s big event gets underway. During this, she has to make a big decision on an offer she recently received. Meeting a new fan on her travels might just be what she needs to make this tough choice. And the Aphrodite girls Erika and Yumi make their own difficult decision. 

Part 25 – Clear & Stormy Skies

After managing to annoy all the right people at the Explorer Event, Kelly and Yana have been shipped off to the technologically-focused colony world of Med Karash for a special photoshoot. The shoot itself is the easy part. And upon returning they enjoy an afternoon of off-time with Isla and Anise where they meet a historical figure of idol significance…

Part 26 – Arc in the Sky

While Isla’s away on her tour, Millie makes the executive decision to begin the process of putting together a three-girl unit. While so engaged, she meets a girl she hasn’t seen in years who appears to harbour a grudge against her…

Part 27 – The Idol, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

The witch Bernadice von Lenfried has arrived! Learning about Dreamstar Academy while settling into a fresh role alongside new friends, she decides that it might be fun to see what all this girl x girl relationship business might be about. Additionally, Millie’s new unit visits New Meadowstone so they can bond and get themselves out there in the public eye.

Part 28 – A Very British Affair

Anise travels to Earth to take part in an event being put on by Lisa. Going along, Isla takes a look around the idol academy where they will be staying, The Royal Academy of Idols in Canterbury, in order to make a final decision on the big offer she received. And Eva also tags along, for less than professional reasons…

Part 29 – The Vampire of the Opera

Heading to Earth with the others, Aurika also takes part in the event for Lisa, performing alongside her friend and acting partner Anise. At the same time, Sophie and Mira are putting on their own event, during which Mira makes a serious mistake.

Part 30 – A Place of Our Own

Upon returning to Aida after running off to Earth without warning, Eva must now make it up to her friends and partners. And Millie takes her goals to the next level by putting in the initial work to build a new idol business, where she can showcase new idols and provide a location for them to practice without the pressure of a real event.


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