starlight dreamers

A Lesbian Erotic Romance Series


Starlight Dreamers is… well, there’s no other way to put it than to say it’s a huge-ass exclusive series that I write for patrons at the $5 tier over on Patreon. At the current time this series spans more than TEN full novel’s worth of content, or roughly 700,000 words. Yes, you read that correctly, ten. And counting.

The series is a mostly light-hearted, positive future, sci-fi lesbian romance epic featuring Japanese-style idols, which was heavily inspired by the original Aikatsu! anime.

The first big collection (totalling around 100,000 words), is free to read and you can find the link to it below. If you enjoy it, become a patron at the $5 tier to access the rest.

Note that all of the characters in this series are 18+, given the erotic nature of the work.

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