gungirls of the apocalypse

A Sci-Fi Wild West Adventure

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Gungirls of the Apocalypse
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In the far future, humanity had all but left Earth behind. But the first brave souls to leave the planet did not have an easy time at their new destination, a planet they would eventually name Terra Nova – New Earth. Founding several new settlements collectively called the Outlands, they soon began to prosper, but always under the watchful eye of what would eventually come to be known simply as The City.

The City keeps to itself. The City doesn’t like outsiders. The City is run by an ancient machine-goddess who goes by the twin names of Matriarch and Mother, and the Matriarch doesn’t like the Outlands very much. Too chaotic, too free. People need to be kept in check. And Matriarch is the machine-goddess for the job. In her guise as the loving Mother, she ensures no more babies are born from the artificial wombs than can be supported, and as Matriarch she ensures the safety of those who live within her strong walls.

But there is one class of person in The City with more freedom than most: Matriarch’s sanctioned bounty hunters, those who chase down anyone who would dare escape her loving embrace.

Clara 55 is one such bounty hunter in the Matriarch’s employ. She is very good at her job, but her work often brings her into contact with ladies in the Outlands, including one Esther Applegate, a young woman from the settlement of Highrock who Clara has had more than a few dealings with. And Clara has decided that she doesn’t like The City or how it operates.

The trouble with this is that Matriarch does not tolerate those who go against her will, and Clara has to walk a fine line between performing her duties and planning her ultimate escape without alerting Matriarch.

When Clara catches wind of buried treasure which might just hold the key to her escape (or, perhaps, even the overthrow of the Matriarch herself), she decides that the time is right to act.

Gungirls of the Apocalypse is, as the name implies, a female-focused sci-fi Wild West adventure, somewhat inspired by the likes of Rimworld and Kenshi. This will be a standalone adventure, and I’m currently in the process of planning and writing it (see WIP to the left progress).


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