The Goddess Returns – An Erotic Lesbian Fantasy Adventure

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Lafaire Series

Do you enjoy secondary world fantasy adventures? Do you also like reading light-hearted stories involving lesbian ladies? What about sexy scenes that aren’t merely there for titillation purposes, but also have direct relevance to the story? Well, it’s GOOD NEWS! The Goddess Returns is all three of these things in one fun little novelette. And it’s free to read!

While this is a standalone story, it also functions as the first part to a larger series I will be writing for Patreon, so if you enjoy it, maybe consider becoming a patron and help me continue writing content like this. Have fun, and I hope you enjoy!


After slumbering for a century after a particularly strenuous threesome, Sephila—goddess of lesbian liaisons—is back and looking for new disciples for her exclusive girls-only island club.

On a routine trade mission to the continent of Lafaire’s capital city, Hourence, partners Levana and Sui find themselves shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island which shouldn’t exist. Exploring the tropical and overgrown land, they soon discover something unexpected…

READ THE GODDESS RETURNS (PDF, opens in new tab)

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